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Jul 12, 2006 05:11 PM

recs for after work drinks/food

any specials at bars around the eaton centre? look for food more than drinks... any wings specials?


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  1. I've never been but many of my friends go to C Lounge on Thursdays after work. Cheap drink specials and they provide food (FREE!!) The food is set out on a buffet-like table and you can go up as often as you'd like for generous portions of Pad Thai (apparantly tasty).

    Brownstone Bistro is also a recommended place. It's got a nice patio at 603 Yonge St. (on the corner of Yonge and Gloucester). I remember seeing somewhere that they had either drinks or appetizer (or both?) specials daily between 4 and 6pm.

    Both places aren't right by Eaton Centre, but in the downtown area!

    1. I'll second C Lounge; after work on Thursdays is fun! I have never been in the summer - assume the crowd is bigger due to the pool in the back - but I've been in winter and, though quiet, the drinks are dirt cheap, the food is free - a guy in the middle of the room makes stir fries to order served up in mini takeout containers - and the ambience is nice. Can't beat the full-service bathrooms as well (massage, make-up application..)

      The last time my girlfriend and I were there we had the stir fries and on top of that they brought us over a free platter of sushi and sashimi to our table.

      Another suggestion is Fionn MacCool's on the Esplanade. Fridays after 5 there are free oysters if you order a Guinness.

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        thanks to both... where is C Lounge? Is the food good? Or just free?

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          C Lounge is at 456 Wellington St. West, between Spadina and Bathurst. My friends say the food is "surprisingly good, considering that it's free."

          1. re: alleycat81

            I went in the winter, and the phad thai was edible, but not authentic. And by not authentic, I don't mean made with kethchup, it wasn't the right kind of noodle. It wasn't egg noodles,I'm tempted to say some kind of wheat noodle? Maybe a thick rice noodle, I can't remember exactly..also it was pretty bland, I think the main flavouring was soy sauce. Anyway, I went with co-workers who are not adventurous (i.e. they prefer Pickle Barrel or Milestones for outings) who said "I don't usually like ethnic food, but I like this!"

            Put another way, I agree with alleycat, I went back for seconds (because it was free!) but I wouldn't have ordered it from a menu.