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Jul 12, 2006 04:56 PM

More on Three Floyds

I was at the fancy packy ( here in Philadelphia scouting out the Sam Adams Patriot pack (they don’t have it yet) and came across a few of the Three Floyd’s Beers mentioned here earlier. Thanks for the rec’s, pretty tasty stuff.

I tried the Alpha King Pale Ale and the Pride and Joy. My first thought was that these two beers were too similar to really be separate beers, with the Pride and Joy striking a better fruit/hops balance. Lately I’ve been enjoying Dogfish Head’s Aprihop and both of these beers are close cousins. I tried the Aprihop at a tasting, and then tried it again later (here: and the guy at the tasting made some solid points that the combination of fruit/hops makes for a good ‘food’ beer, as it pairs exceptionally well with summery sort of meaty and citrusy dishes. I think that is mostly true, and also holds for the two Three Floyd’s beers above. Very good cookout beer but perhaps a bit too much to drink at a bar for any length of time.

Last night I tried the Three Floyds, “Robert the Bruce” Scottish-style ale and this is my favorite so far. A nice, full taste and, at the risk of oversimplifying, you really feel like you’re drinking a real beer when you have a sip of this guy. It doesn’t lean too much on hops and instead goes for full toasty goodness. If I had to make one negative observation it’d be that it might be the tiniest smidge, ‘syrupy’ but negligibly so.

Thanks again hounds.

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