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Jul 12, 2006 04:23 PM

Best Rest. for BYO

What's the best restaurant that allows you to bring your own bottle? Does such a thing exist? Looking to set up a wine club close to Cambridge.

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  1. Sweet Basil in Needham is a good choice for Italian that straddles the line between old school and new school. Bold flavors, lots of garlic. Fantastic mussels. The place is tiny, so be prepared to wait and/or be rushed once served. It's cash only and they don't take reservations. To maximize the experience for a larger group, I'd recommend going early in the week. Corkage is $5/bottle.

    1. Any restaurant that has a wine list in MA is unable by law to allow patrons to BYOB. Some restaurants do allow their better customers to do it though. A public forum like this is not the venue to out the lawbreakers. Needham allows non liquor license holders like Sweet Basil to allow and charge for BYOB. I do not believe that Cambridge allows non license holders to permit BYOB.

      1. My favorite BYOB restaurant will probably not suit your needs, but I'll mention it anyway: Wang's Chinese Cuisine in Somerville.