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Jul 12, 2006 04:12 PM

VT Food Recs

My wife and I live in Boston and we're planning a week long trip for the end of August. Our current plan is to drive up to Burlington, VT and spend a couple of nights there and then head up to Montreal and then Ottawa for the rest of the week and drive back.

So, I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for restaurants along the way - especially in VT. I know this is a very broad request, but we're open to all options - from the grease spoon diner to the upscale restaurants.


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  1. It depends on the way you're going. If you head up Rt 93 to Rt 89, stop off at Simon Pierce in Queechee VT for an upscale lunch. Pricey but worth it, esp if you get a table next to the river. I also like the Main Street Grill in Montpelier operated by the Culinary Institute. If you get a late start and only get as far as Concord NH by lunch time, In A Pinch Cafe is a great place for lunch (they open very early and close around 3pm). They make the BEST cold soups. Salads are pre-made but fresh. Sandwiches are a little out of the ordinary. It's a tiny place and very busy at lunch time esp because they take phone orders for take out service. They're on Warren Street near Concord High School and the hospital. When you're driving around Burlington area, Boyden Valley Winery has wonderful wines and tastings.

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      Simon Pearce, which I learned about several years ago on chowhound, is one of my favorite restaurants anywhere. I always schedule my drives through Vermont so that I can stop at Simon Pearce for lunch.

    2. American Flatbreads in Waitsfield. They only serve on Friday and Saturday. There is usually quite a wait, but you can have a drink and enjoy the setting. Waitsfield is between Montpelier and Burlington.

      1. American Flatbread is a great suggestion. There is one in Burlington now and is open every day. Check out Al's French Frys....a local greasy spoon institution. It's on Williston Road (Route 2) just east of Burlington.

        1. The Royal Orchid Thai restuarant is far the best place for lunch in Montpelier. They don't use any MSG and the owners are very friendly. A real little hidden gem on Elm St. Further down Elm St., stop by Gesine's for the best cup of coffee you will ever taste in VT, and a great little afternoon treat. Way better than the Main St Bar & Grill which is overpriced, oversalted student food IMHO.