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Jul 12, 2006 03:57 PM

Sunday brunch in lower manhattan?

Having a little reunion with old friends in Manhattan a couple of Sundays from now. I was thinking about Balthazar for brunch, but the mixed reviews of late kind of scared me off. We don't mind a little splurge; we want great food and not to be rushed. Any ideas?

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  1. How lower do you want? Is Imagine (the successor to Miracle Grill) on 1st Av. just south of 7th St. far enough downtown? Their food is very good (and similar to Miracle Grill, if you knew that place), and I don't think they'll rush you.

    1. I'm not a big fan of the Balthazar brunch--didn't think the food was good enough to put up with the busy, rushed atmosphere. Public is in the same vicinity. I visited for the first time last Saturday and had a very good (though not great) brunch in a spacious and unhurried atmosphere. Not sure if it would be more crowded/rushed on a Sunday, but I'd give Public a shot.

      1. try brunch at gusto. i go there all the time and adore it. they start you out with free, warm, sugary donuts with a delicious fruit compote. this is my favorite thing EVER!! they also have really creamy and perfect scrambled eggs. there are different egg dishes, crepes, pastas, etc. all really elegant and mouthwatering. the place is also really gorgeous.

        60 greenwich ave btwn 6th and 7th ave

        1. 7A logically located at 7th st and Avenue A has a really good brunch. I love their eggs and their home fries are not to be missed

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            Always seems like a mob scene w/long waits when I go by. I wouldn't suggest it for a not-rushed experience.

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              I went there quite a number of years ago and was totally underwhelmed. Of course it could have improved since then, but have you tried the brunch at Teresa's and compared?

            2. i'm not a fan of 7a. it gets so rammed on weekends that service is spotty, and it's far from a relaxing experience. the food is pretty mediocore, and the last few times i've been there various items have come out lukewarm/cold.

              do you go to teresa's frequently, pan? i'm curious because the last time i was there (about a year and a half ago), it was terrible. we waited about 35 minutes for our food, and when it finally arrived it was dire - cold, leathery kielbasa, soggy pierogies, and cold, rubbery scrambled eggs. maybe it was just a REALLY off day?

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                Sounds like an off day when the food waited around too long before being brought to your table. I go to Teresa's very frequently and in fact was there for lunch today. I'd never call it a "great" restaurant; instead, I consider it a place to get good Polish food and good diner food for good prices - a neighborhood place that I'm glad is in my neighborhood.