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Jul 12, 2006 03:56 PM

La Cuevita de los Urquizu - Antigua, Guatemala

La Cuevita de los Urquizu was reccommended by Ehoenes prior to our trip to Guatemala and it was solidly the chowhound's pick for Antigua. Open from 7am-7pm they have a terrific variety of typical guatemalan dishes (typical but hard to find in restaurants)the pepian was much better than the pepian at Calle Fonda Real, and they let us taste the stews as we decided which to order. There is a pretty back garden as well where you can hear women in the back patting out tortillas and carrying out big bowls of guacamole and other delights to the cafeteria style area in the front. Lunch for two (which we couldn't even finish) and two beers ran us about 15 USD. 2a calle Oriente # 9-d Antigua Tel: 8322493* 832-2582

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  1. I'm glad you found and enjoyed this place. It's too bad that there aren't more of this sort of place around Antigua. Unfortunately it seems that people are under the impression (and they may be right about this) that tourists only want to eat the foods they're used to at home.

    1. As an update: I followed this suggestion and ate here in April 2007. It was our second best meal in Antigua, after Pollo Campero (I am serious. I'd never had P.C. before. It was excellent). Second best in Antigua, however, is still not that great. The variety was really welcome, and our pepian and some greenish stew were good. Nothing was quite as exuberantly flavored as I hoped. But it was much, much better than Calle Fonda Real (the one nearest the arch), which was terribly bland and I would not reommend. The rooftop at La Cuevita is the best spot to eat there -- great views of the ruins across the way (HIGHLY worth visiting).

      I also ate a lot of grilled meats and scallions and tortillas from the vendors in front of La Merced, and out near the old baths. I had one fabulous tortilla, but the rest didn't have much going on.

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        I have to admit that the Pollo Campero salads are good (when combined with the tortillas sold by the lady(ies) outside of each PC) and are a good way to get fresh greens. It is the only chain in the world I would visit.