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Jul 12, 2006 03:54 PM

Group Dinners

Fellow Hounds:

A professional group which I belong to is having its annual conference in Boston in September (at the Mariott Copley Place). As part of the meeting, the group divides into discussion groups that go out for dinner. This will be on a Monday evening. Each discussion group is about 10-12 people.

As the "resident local expert", I have been asked for suggestions where they should go. There will be 15-20 such groups, although some locations might be able to handle two groups. While walking distance from the hotel is nice, a reasonable cab ride is acceptable.

Here are the requirements:

-able to handle a group of 10-12 with reservations.
-quiet enough for a discussion, preferably a private room
-since people chose their group based on discussion topic and not food, a reasonably broad menu.
-Not outrageously priced.

HELP!!! This is not simple. All suggestions welcomed as well as comments on places to avoid.


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  1. I know it's kind of lame, but if you have a Zagat's nearby (or maybe Where to Eat), they will list all the restaurants with private dining rooms (PDRs). I'd start there and then hone your list.

    Sel de la Terre comes to mind as I've attended a couple of dinners there in the past that were hosted in their PDR. Surely most of the Back Bay restaurants could accommodate your request?

    1. Places that come to mind that have private rooms are Davio's, Mistral (I think) and Eastern Standard.