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Jul 12, 2006 03:44 PM

Best steakhouse in Manhattan

I know this has been a past thread, but I am interested in hearing about thoughts on Keens, Marc Joseph, and anywhere that has a wonderful steak in a really great room. Think Gatsby. Thanks!

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  1. Strip House, Dylan Prime

    1. I love Del Frisco's. My favorite!

      1. Well, if you are very particular with them about not massively charring your steak then there's Michael Jordan's. Hard to beat Grand Central for Grandeur.

        Sparks has that wise guy aesthetic.

        But Peter Luger has the best steak. No ambience, but hands down the best steak, which in the end is what really matters (well, to me anyway).

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          Agreed re: Luger's/ Sparks (haven't been to other steakhouses, to be honest...). Luger's is in Williamsburg though, so as to best steak in Manhattan, I'd go with Sparks.

        2. It depends on what kind of steak you like. If you like the porterhouse, Wolfgang's is the closest you'll get to Luger-quality porterhouse IMHO, and is better than Mark Joseph's. Sparks is great for sirloin, but I prefer the full flavour of a good ribeye. I'd recommend Uncle Jack's or the Colorado ribeye at Smith and Wollensky (it's never on their regular menu, but is a perennial special). Keen's is solid, but best known for their mutton chop (which is actually lamb rather than mutton). Enjoy!