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Jul 12, 2006 03:34 PM

Rehoboth Beach

Hello all: We're heading to Rehoboth Beach next week (from Cincinnati), and I'm looking for one nice, reasonably romantic restaurant for dinner with my wife. We've been to Zebra twice in the last three years. Had a great experience the first time, but the second was awful -- indifferent service, and it was obvious our food had been sitting in the kitchen a while before it arrived. So, we won't be going back. Any other interesting suggestions are also welcome. Thanks ... John B.

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  1. Check the mid-Atlantic board too. Nage (ate there last year - very tasty), Espuma (haven't been, heard good things), Cultured Pearl if you like sushi and have heard great things about Confucious for Chinese.

    Avoid Eden - terrible meal there this year. Back Porch is supposed to be good but pricey, and I've heard Chez la Mer has lost its touch.

    1. The Washingtonian's current issue has a pretty long article on beach eateries across the price spectrum.

      They seem to really like a seafood place in Lewes called Fish On. Not sure how romantic it is, but if the food is as good as they say you can make your own romance.

      But another possibility might be the Summer House, which is now owned by the Big Fish folks, who have upgraded the menu from the long-time Summer House bar food staples. We had very good good food there a few weeks ago and reasonably romantic ambience in the side room (thanks to beachgirl for that suggestion!).

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        Oh yeah, Summer House! Owned by same family as Big Fish Grill. Have eaten at Summer House twice this summer - both times were great. And they make a killer Bloody Mary . . .

      2. If you like local beer there is the Dog Fish Head Brewery bar and the Rams Head Tavern. Both have great beer. Many varieties too.

        1. The Buttery in Lewes is wonderful! It's but a short drive North of Rehoboth. Espuma is also excellent. The beers at Dogfish Head are not to be missed.

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          1. don't forget the blue moon....interesting menu, kind of pricey, great wine list. also used as somewhat of a local art gallery...i third dogfish head, although, if you don't like it loud, don't go there after 10 pm, definitely try their chicory stout if you like dark beer....arena's deli for duh, deli (and great cheese fries..ask for extra crispy). and nicola's pizza with nic-obolis...their version of a calzone. yum!

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              Just had dinner at the Blue Moon last week -- it was top notch. Two of us had the filet, and it was superb -- cooked rare as requested. The third in our group had the lamb chops -- again, a winner. Also had dinner at Rams Head Tavern, which we've liked in the past, but the service was inattentive (typical for summer -- a college student without proper training or experience). Someone at the next table turned her food in as it was served cold. You should try dining in Lewes, a short drive away. Fish On gets high marks from locals, and we had two great lunches at Jerry's Seafood. The cream of crab was served with a healthy dose of blue crab set in the center of the bowl (I was so impressed, I even took photos of it). They had a great salad with oysters (six plump ones). Service was excellent, too.