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Jul 12, 2006 03:23 PM

chow experiences in Fort Greene

While most beat a path to the latest trendy spots or whatever got a review in the Times (Ici,Olea), I would like to offer what I consider authentic chowhound experiences in this fine Brooklyn neighborhood. Dessert may be the ultimate prize here--for the best chocolate dessert in all of Brooklyn, head to Cafe Lafayette and have the Chocolate Volcano. The quality of chocolate used with the not too sweet raspberry sauce and beautiful vanilla ice cream is perfection every time. The coffee is nice and strong too. Dessert #2 would be right up the road on Fulton St.: the famous Cake Man Raven's Red Velvet Cake. If you hit it right (80% of the time) this will be one of the best cakes you'll ever taste. Incredibly light and somehow tastes like pure cake batter with an icing that is always right on the money. Waiting in line--sometimes twenty minutes for a fresh slice--is part of the experience. Entree wise, I would check out Ruthie's authentic soul food on Dekalb. The Fried Pork Chops with collard greens and mac and cheese is my recommendation. You will also get some of the finest corn bread to be had in the city. On Myrtle ave, check out Buff Patty for some authentic Jamaican grub--love the Codfish and Ackee and also the Oxtail. On that front, you can get fresh coconut water (milk), hacked with a machete right before your eyes at the strange Rasta shop on Vanderbilt Ave. near Dekalb. Quite refreshing in the summer. For excellent fresh cafe food and coffee check out the Pillow Cafe right next to Buff Patty.

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  1. Thanks, realbread! I'm going to Fort Greene in a couple of days, maybe I'll check out the Chocolate Volcano.

    1. great post! so glad you like Ruthies', and I look forward to hearing more. Have you been to Luz? We thought they had some very good things when we tried it last year.

      1. I like Luz a lot, and Graziellas (down the street from the Rasta coconut water joint) also. All offer some good bang for the buck.
        Avoid Madiba for food, I guess it's OK for drinks and atmosphere

        1. I agree, Pillow Cafe is really nice, as is Luz. I'm looking forward to trying Ruthie's soon.

          What do people think of Maggie Brown on Myrtle? (Is that the right name?) I thought the garden was cute but the food overpriced considering it was stuff I could make myself.

          Has anyone tried the fried fish at Duncan's Market on Myrtle? Or any of the Thai places? Is Castro's still good?

          1. Maggie Brown is kind of hit or miss, and yes, it does feature high prices for what it is. (I always wondered about why so many FG joints were priced so high--I wonder if their proximity to BAM makes them want to gouge the pre-theater crowd? Or is it the real estate? Or pure Greed?)