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Jul 12, 2006 03:20 PM

CIA --Hyde Park, NY

My friends want to take me to lunch @ CIA for a "significant " birthday in October. As I recall there are two or three dining options there. What do you hounds consider the best and is it difficult to get a lunch reservation? As always, TIA.


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  1. What's your poison?

    The CIA has a great Italian restaurant with a wood-fire oven called "Calovita" and has a classic, old school French restaurant called "Escoffier." Both are excellent! Reservations are recommened and it's best to call in advance as sometimes the CIA rents out the entire space for corporate luncheon events.

    1. CIA is proud of American Bounty. "New American" cuisine. That's where they showcase a lot of good stuff. it would be my choice. You can also rent out (for a fee) a private room there. I've done it for largish groups, and it is really quite elegant and nice. Reservations are a must.

      1. As a CIA alumni, I recomend American Bounty for a special night out. Good American Comfort food with fun variations and great service (it is the last stage of schooling befor graduation.) If it were for a lunch I would recomend Colivita, the Italian resturant, for its great atmosphere and lighter menu options. For lavish Front of the house experience and classical French food, there is the E room. There is also St. Andrews Cafe which focuses on dietary cooking but is none the less great food in a more of a leasurial surroundings. My vote is on American Bounty for a "significant" birthday.

        1. Isn't the Italian restaurant named "Caterina de Medici" (not Colavita, which I believe is the name of the building or "center" in which the Caterina de Medici is housed.

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          1. re: Mike in Rhinebeck

            That's the name I've always know the Italian restaurant to be called too.

            We've been to the CIA about 5 times. The Caterina de Medici is not open on weekends, so we've never been there. We've been to the Escoffier room once, enjoyed it...and American Bounty 4 times. I'd go back to AB in a heartbeat.

          2. Yesterday I tried (on line) to snag a weekend lunch reservation at St. Andrews Cafe for any time between now and September 30. Nothing was available.

            Does anyone know: what is the trick to getting a weekend reservation, how far in advance do they let you book? Is it better to call than go online?

            I thought St. Andrews was the most kid-friendly option.

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            1. re: Dim Sum Diva

              This may sound a little harsh, but why on earth would you think that St. Andrews was the most friendly?