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Jul 12, 2006 03:19 PM

KID FRIENDLY Seattle Dinner Recommendation


We are having our family reunion in Seattle in August, and I am looking for a kid friendly restaurant in Seattle - preferably near the Space Needle. There will be 5 kids ranging from ages 2 - 9 and 6 adults. If you know of any good Chinese restaurants, that would be a plus.


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  1. I'd recommend Tup Tim Thai in lower Queen Anne...on Roy, kiddy corner from KFC. Fine for large groups as long as you get there early. It gets busy fast. Not chinese, but in my opinion, better!

    1. Racha would also be a good choice in that area. There's not much in the way of Chinese food near the Space Needle. Uhm, not really great food by any means but when it comes to groups and kid-friendly there's no one who can beat Bucca di Beppo's in that area.