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Jul 12, 2006 02:57 PM

Good food on road trip from NYC – Austin, TX

My boyfriend and I are moving from NYC to Austin in early August. We’d like to plan our drive around good local food. We will most likely be driving through central PA, Western MD, I79 in West Virginia, Lexington and Louisville KY, Nashville and Memphis, Little Rock, and Dallas. (This route could be adjusted to incorporate truly great eating). I know some of these places are BBQ country, so I’d love Q suggestions, but I’m open to other suggestions as well – as long as they’re local and not too expensive.


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  1. Tricky, your route doesn't hit any of my areas of chow-expertise. I do have a couple of suggestions though....

    If you want to go to Philly, I like Monk's Cafe (a Belgian beer bar). Philly also has some great restaurants one that comes to mind is called The Striped Bass.

    If you'll be on the Pennsylvania Turnpike (not sure how you're getting to central PA) there's a great brewpub heading west - Stoudts Brewery, exit 286.

    If you're going through the Hagerstown MD and Harpers Ferry area try the Yellow Brick Bank Restaurant in Shepardstown WV.

    If you're feeling romantic, and willing and able to splurge, go to the Inn at Little Washington in Washington VA - this is world renowned, there are B&Bs in town if there isn't a room at the Inn or if it's too expensive. This would be something worth adjusting your route for.

    Sorry, but beyond that (south) I don't know anything to recommend. Have a great trip, good luck.

    1. Taking a look at a map just now I think those choices are what you're looking for, one other suggestion might be to stay overnight in Gettysburgh PA (right outside Harrisburg), it's worth visiting there and there's got to be some decent chow in town.

      1. We recently drove from Dallas to Boston, stopping in Paris, TX for an amazing, unexpected food find. We stumbled onto a place called "Old Town Seafood" at 131 Bonham St. On Fr and Sat nights, they have an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. Hard to believe in land-locked NE TX, but it was pretty good stuff. For $14 they served crayfish, shrimp done several ways, king crab legs, frogs legs, alligator, catfish, and some other seafood I can't recall. They also had crab chowder, gumbo, hush puppies, potatoes, salads and some weak desserts. Sweet tea and soft drinks were available. It's a pretty basic place - formica tables, mismatched chairs, steam table buffet - but fun. Lots of locals seemed to be onto the great $$ deal. Tel 903-449-9222.

        1. Jackson, Mississippi:

          Julep's for Fried Green Tomatoes & Crabmeat
          Char for steak
          Bravo: yumny all around & nice aesthetics

          Oxford, Mississippi: City Grocery: creative & delicious takes on southern favorites like crab, grits, tomatoes, you name it....great restaurant in the most charming town in the South