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Jul 12, 2006 02:48 PM

Where is the best Seafood Store in the west end?

I'm looking for a quality seafood store in the lakeshore/park lawn area or thereabouts I was told about a great one down there (dont recall the name) but the directions I was given were a wild goose chase.


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  1. It's further west but Mike's Fish(the retail arm of the big All Seas wholesale operation)on North Queen near Sherway Gdns in Etobicoke is nice.

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    1. I second Mike's. They have a second location at the St. Lawrence Market but the wholesale outlet is aboud 20% cheaper. They are just north of IKEA on the Queensway.

      1. I third it. Just north of Queensway, west of Kipling, I think.

        1. I've got their contact info on the web:

          Mike's Fish Market
          45 VANSCO RD, ETOBICOKE, ON M8Z 5Z8
          Phone: 416-255-1522

          1. Thank You one and all (extra props for kaka). Chowhound rules!!! I am new to this site and absolutely love it.