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Where is the best Seafood Store in the west end?

I'm looking for a quality seafood store in the lakeshore/park lawn area or thereabouts I was told about a great one down there (dont recall the name) but the directions I was given were a wild goose chase.


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  1. It's further west but Mike's Fish(the retail arm of the big All Seas wholesale operation)on North Queen near Sherway Gdns in Etobicoke is nice.

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    1. I second Mike's. They have a second location at the St. Lawrence Market but the wholesale outlet is aboud 20% cheaper. They are just north of IKEA on the Queensway.

      1. I third it. Just north of Queensway, west of Kipling, I think.

        1. I've got their contact info on the web:

          Mike's Fish Market
          45 VANSCO RD, ETOBICOKE, ON M8Z 5Z8
          Phone: 416-255-1522

          1. Thank You one and all (extra props for kaka). Chowhound rules!!! I am new to this site and absolutely love it.

            1. Try City Fish Market on Dufferin between Lawrence and Glencairn. I have also heard that Red Sea on Jane Street is good.

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                1. "Big Fish", small, very fresh, south side of the Queensway just west of Royal York, opposite the NoFrills

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                  1. Osler Fish Market on Osler (go under the rail viaduct at Dupont and Dundas ... east of Keele). They're commercial suppliers (lots of restos and mongers) and have a retail shop too.

                    I'll even buy fish from them on Mondays!

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                      Eeew. I walked in. Place smelled fishy. Wasn't impressed. The fish selection was very boring. Walked out and never went back.
                      BTW, there's a fish place at Dupont and Dufferin that you can smell from the street. I went in once, just to see what was the deal. I couldn't stand the smell and left.


                    2. Cool..thanks for the tip on Mike's Place. Love shellfish expecially and definitely lots of variety...gotta get them Omega 3's in.....thanks to all other Chowhounds as well...totally love the sight and enjoy regular folk like me being able to give an opinion on the food and restaurants in my great city!!! Cheers!

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                        Old thread but - Any tips on where to get some west end fish on a SUNDAY (I realize this is suboptimal...but the family wants to make a Bouillabaisse today.)

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                          How far "west" is west end for you? There's always Costco just off the Queensway or T&T out in Miss.

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                            Anywhere from High Parkish to south east mississauga. Not a costco member, maybe T&T will do -it's a bit further west than I wanted, but may be the best bet. Does PAT have a good selection of fish. I think Osler, Big Fish and Mike's may be closed on Sunday (these are closer to my hood)

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                              Not sure about DTTO but the PAT out in Miss isn't the greatest for fresh fish, especially on the weekend, though they've got lots of frozen. There's always T&T downtown:


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                                Delamer on Roncesvalles is open Sundays, doesn't smell, and has a good selection.

                                It's kinda nouveau-Roncy, but the people are pleasant. One tip: avoid softish-looking white filets of anything, whether so-called turbot, or so-called sole--these disintegrate into fish-rags when they hit any heat.

                                I generally shop Mike's and/or Big Fish on the Queensway, but neither's open on Sundays.