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Jul 12, 2006 02:43 PM

Stuffed Grape Leaves (not Dolma)

I tried a few new ways for me of stuffing fresh grape leaves. First I tried Darren72's suggestion of stuffing leaves with goat cheese, a basil leave, and roasted red pepper. I grilled this slowly away from the coals for a little bit and they were excellent, we couldn't stop eating them. I really liked this version and plan on serving them this weekend at a cookout. Next I tried Rabaja's version with a small piece of salmon, s&p, evoo, and lemon zest. I rolled some with small tender leaves so I could eat whole, and some with larger leaves that I unwrapped and ate just the piece of fish. this was excellent too, and I can't wait to try it with sardines. Thanks for the tips.

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  1. Thanks for reporting back - and I'm so glad you liked these ideas!

    1. I was talking about this very thread last night--I'm so glad you reported back with your results. I have a healthy crop of leaves on my grapevine, and I can't wait to try the recipes.

      A question: Why is it not necessary to brine the leaves first? When I was growing up, my mother always used brined leaves out of a jar. Maybe that was because she made them during the winter and spring, when the vine was dormant. It never occured to me, until I saw this thread, that you can use leaves straight from the vine.

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        Interesting question. I should add that I've only used leaves from a jar, as in my posted recipe. But I got the idea from an old book that I believe used leaves straight from the vine.

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          If your using fresh picked leaves, you might want to blanch them first in some salted boiling water first. A dozen at a time, then into an ice water bath. What ever you don't use stack 6 or so and roll them up and wrap well for freezing. They freeze well.

      2. You have inspired me to get rolling!

        Are all types of fresh grape leaves edible? There are unsprayed wild sour grapes in a friend's backyard. Do I need to trim out the veins?

        I've been meaning to make something out of these grapes, like verjus (another chowhound suggestion from last year) for spiking drinksl. The grape leaves hold great potential, I think.

        Not too familiar with other forms of grape stuffing, but I was thinking that quinoa, currents & pinenuts(like game stuffing) would be another good filler....

        1. They would be edible, but if the leaves get to big, I find they get tough to chew. Trim the stem to the leave and thats it. Blanch the leaves before rolling or freezing them. Don't go for the really big leaves and you should be fine.
          Stuffing them with the salmon and sardines and then grilling has been a big hit here.