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Jul 12, 2006 02:38 PM

Drink your brunch in Prospect Heights, Park Slope

Meeting a friend on Saturday to celebrate her new job. Normally, I prefer really good food to cheap drinks, but this is more about the all-you-can-drink brunch. Is there such a thing in Bklyn?
And, if not, what about brunch? I usually go to Beast, because it's fab and in the 'hood. If I ventured to the other side of Flatbush, what are the options? Cheap drinks preferable.
Can I call this low brow?? We can save the discussions about the best brunch for another thread.

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  1. The only "all you can drink" that I can think of is Patois, on Smith St. All you can drink mimosas and virgin bloodies. I'm a fan of their affordable brunch as well.

    1. Scottadito (spelling?) on Union between 7th and 6th has unlimited mamosas with brunch (maybe bloody mary's, too). I think the brunch is like 12 bucks and I think the food is pretty tasty - espcially the pasta with cow cheeks!

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        Second Scottadito. I had a very nice tripe dish with red sauce and poached eggs.

      2. Sotto Voce on 7th has unlimited Mimosas and bloody marys for brunch, and some lovely selections. Its a favorite of my friends and I.

        I've been meaning to try Scottadito, though.

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          I think I will try Scottadito. I had a great meal there during restaurant week.
          I'll report back, assuming I remember anything...

        2. I am pretty sure the Black Pearl on Union between 7th and 8th also has an all you can drink type deal, as I have definitely seen the sign for such I just can't remember how recently. I haven't tried the brunch, other meals have been ok to good though.

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