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Jul 12, 2006 02:33 PM

Ontario cherries in Toronto

I'm sick of going to grocery stores and only finding cherries from washington, or chile...

i know cherries are in season in Ontario, but can anyone tell me where I can find them downtown?

i'm thinking farmer's markets, but which ones?


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  1. My daughter got some at the Dufferin Grove Market last Thursday. Organic too. Probably will be at the Weston Farmers market, but I haven't been this year, so no guarantees.

    1. they're all over the north market of slm on saturdays. in fact.. they had one table dedicated to cherries closer up to king st. on the east side.

      i've actually noticed that a few of the smaller chain grocery stores claim they have cherries from ontario. notably one in the village this past sunday.

      i think we're in high season so you'll likely be able to find them at most, if not all! i've seen ranier (the yellow red skinned) cherries available specifically at the cider table in slm and have heard amazing things about their creamy flesh and am dying to pick up some this saturday.

      1. I got some great sour Ontario cherries from the grocery market beside La Salumeria on Yonge, South of Manor. 2 pints for $6.

        Great produce there BTW, it's where I usually shop.

        1. listening to a niagara farmer selling cherries at riverdale organic market yesterday, the ones just now are early varieties, also not much sun this year, so the sweet ones are not terribly sweet yet. so i think it's not quite high season yet.
          nathan phillip's market will also have them sour and sweet (not organic).
          I think loblaw's actually sells buckets of local, sour cherries in season too.

          1. I've bought them at the East York farmer's market. julesrules post explains a lot because they don't have much flavour yet.