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Jul 12, 2006 02:09 PM

Fish with a View in Tacoma

A month back I ate at Harbor Lights, I think it was, for fish down on Ruston Way. The view is fabulous and I absolutely have to take my partner there (if it's sunny). But Harbor Lights is a very old-fashioned fish restaurant (breading and deep frying seem to be their thing). The adjacent restaurant was a brewpub which doesn't sound promising. Is there any restaurant in Tacoma (or possibly Gig Harbor) where I can get fish done well and still have a view of the water? For this request, any price range is OK. Thanks in advance for any info.

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  1. CRC, My suggestion is across the water and up the hill: The Cliff House. (Located at Brown's Point.) The fish is well executed and the service is always outstanding. The dining experience is intimate and elegant. I think you will enjoy the overall experience.

    1. Anthony's at Point Defiance has good seafood for a chain restaurant and you can watch the ferry come and go to Vashon.

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        Harbor Lights is now owned by Anthony's. There is also an Anthony's in Gig Harbor, just across the bridge.

      2. Lobster Shop isn't bad and now there's Dukes. Shenangins is also good.

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          I'd say go to Katie Downs on Ruston Way for the pizza. Everything else on the waterfront isn't worth the trip. Gig Harbor, it's the Tide Tavern. Good pub fare, 21 and older only however. Down the road in Purdy is Margarita Beach Cafe (used to be the Beach House.) Menu is called "vacation food." Basically Baja type dishes. Had a great margarita with Tarantula tequila, muddled oranges and limes and it's on the water.

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            Pizza at Katie Downs? The one memorably bad meal I've had on Ruston was the pizza at Katie Downs. If you lean far enough out the door of Puget Sound Pizza, I think you can see some water - does that count?

            If Gig Harbor is too far of a drive, there's nothing wrong with most of the places on Ruston Way. Is the food great? Nope, but it's not bad. Many have early dinner specials that make them very reasonable.

            I've never had a memorably great meal at Anthonys, Lobster Shop, Dukes, Shenigans, Ram, or Harbor Lights but I've always had a good time. When people are visiting from out-of-town, that's where we usually go. I think the idea is to visit them in moderation.

        2. when we lived in tacoma we actually really liked the ram. the food wasn't fabulous but there were some menu items we were fond of and the prices weren't bad for the location. (as a side note, when we first moved up here we tried the uvillage ram and the food was horrible compared with the ruston way one.)
          granted, this was a few years ago but perhaps worth a try?