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Jul 12, 2006 01:34 PM

SF to LA - An NY Hound needs your help...

A few items to address:
1. Have been having visions of a Jane and Michael Stern-esque journey down the coast of Cali-between San Francisco and Los Angeles- when I visit a friend next week, but having lived on the opposite end of the country for most of my life I need a bit of guidance to fulfill this fantasy.

The trip will most likely include a stop at San Simeon and an overnight stay in Santa Barbara. And my vision is not limited to frozen-custard and fried-everything-else, we are equally intruiged by the more highbrow, dare i admit?, even healthy options that are on or off the road.

2. Since I will be in SF for several days before departing on said culinary-car-cruise I would absolutely adore any advice on great summer spots or unmissable nibbles in and around the bay. I know on my must do list already are cupcakes at that divine place in the ferry building (mirabelle?) after a snack at Taylor's Refresher, and having a mini picnic near the De Young museum.

Your advice is anticipated and appreciated!

with many thanks in advance,

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  1. The place in the ferry building is so wonderful! Miette is its name! The cupcakes are the best that I have put in my mouth and I have lived on both coasts. As far as eating in San Fran. There is a great oyster bar that is kind of an old institute! Wonderful oysters on the half shell and Louie salads. It is a small place with stools and a counter so lines can get long but so worth the wait. The name of the place is Swan on polk street. Also, go to Farallon for a drink! I will also think of some more places and get back.

    1. If you're into oysters I would recommend Hog Island Oyster Company in the Ferry Building instead of Swan's. You can sit outside if it's nice (could be lovely, could be freezing - yes, it's true). Taylor's Refresher is really nothing special, IMO. You can get all your picnic fixings at the Ferry building, too.