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Jul 12, 2006 01:25 PM

Falmouth dinner

Looking for a decent but not too expensive place for dinner in a couple Mondays. A full bar would be nice, not a basic clam shack for sure. Would ultimately love the combination of good food and good view but know that's not often possible. Some places that look possible (from a Chamber of Commerce site) are Beach House (price is right, view?), Flying Fish, Landfall, Laureen's (interesting new American menu, no view), Nimrod, Phusion (no prices listed, how $$?), Quarterdeck (had no site, on the water? good prices?), Roobar (have been to the Hyannis one and it's okay), Shuckers (no info, too casual?). Would like to keep entrees in the $15-22 range. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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  1. Sorry, that's Falmouth, Mass.

    1. thank you for correcting yourself, as I live in Falmouth Maine

      1. I don't know if it's open Monday's but the Chart Room is jammed on the weekends when I've been -- for YEARS!!! (508) 563 5350 -- nice place to sit outside, have a drink and watch the sunset too. And, if you have a boat, you can pull right in. Very *simple* menu, but a few things done well. Chowder, lobster, etc. But this is not a place that you go to for the food... It's more that it has a nice and loyal crowd, and is right on the water.

        1. Flying Fish - Did you mean Flying Bridge? If so, they are right on the water overlooking Falmouth Harbor. You pay for the view, and get average food.

          Landfall - In Woods Hole is right on the water with great views. Food is decent, full bar.

          Laureen's - In Falmouth Village, no view but the food is excellent. I know for sure that they serve wine.

          Nimrod - no view, and I haven't been so I can't comment on the food.

          Phusion - In Woods Hole, overlooking Eel Pond at the drawbridge. I have not been but this place has been highly recommended by close friends. Entrees however are in the $20-30 range.

          Quarterdeck - In Falmouth (no water view, next door to Laureen's). If you like Prime Rib, this is THE place to go. Most entrees are at or under $20.

          Roobar - In Falmouth Village (no water view). Decent menu, but I find the place very noisy and difficult to carry a conversation without shouting.

          Shuckers - you were correct, casual, average fare (plastic tables and chairs) but you have a nice view of Eel Pond in Woods Hole.

          Other options:
          Fishmonger - in Woods Hole right on the water (across the street from Fusion). Just re-opened under new managment. I have not been since the switch, but have heard really good reviews.

          I can't go without recommending my favorite place, Stir Crazy. It is in Pocasset which is just north of Falmouth (on the south side of MA-28). If you like Vietnamese or Thai style foods, you will fall in love with this place and the entrees are $10-12. I believe they have a full bar as well.

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            Thanks for the details, I was wondering if anyone even lived in/visited Falmouth. Looks like I'm going to York ME instead tho so will save this for future reference.