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Jul 12, 2006 12:51 PM

Danube Tonight - Recs. plus a bar near by for a drink beforehand.

Going to Danube tonight for my birthday. Probably go with the tasting menu, but am up for any recs. on what to order. Also need to kill some time before our reservation - any good bars near by for a drink? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Someone just told me jacket and tie is required at Danube. Is this true?

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      No--jackets not required, and my boyfriend didn't wear one. That said, most men had jackets, and the lack of jacket could have been one reason for our somewhat snooty service. Tasting menu is definitely a great way to go, but I'd avoid the lobster dish--our lest favorite from last week's dinner.

    2. No, I have been to Danube twice and a jacket and tie were not required. Most men when I was there were wearing a jacket, though, (with open shirts) so I would suggest one unless you want to look a bit dressed down.

      The bar depends on what you are looking for, but VinoVino is a nice wine bar and the Brandy Library was a great selection of scotch and cognac, among other things. Both are good choices if you are a bit dressed up for dinner.

      1. My favorites at Danube are:

        the beet and fromage blanc appetizer
        waltze of appetizers
        scallop appetizer
        anything with foie gras
        duck entree
        veal schnitzel entree
        paprika chicken entree
        any lobster prep is out of sight

        Since you are planning on the tasting menu, you can't go wrong. They also have the chef's tasting menu which has even more courses (just tell them if there is anything you do not eat so they can exclude)

        desserts are all good but by the time you get there you may be stuffed.

        enjoy the breads--particularly the pretzel (fairly authentic to Vienna street snack)

        have a Danube cocktail before dinner--Austrian sparkling wine and elderflower syrup (a bit sweet)

        I have done wine pairings before there but they offer very healthy pourings so if you have restraint not to finish every drop....

        Last time we were there we shared a bottle of Gruner Vetliner at a very reasonable price (about $70).

        Austrian dessert wine is the best so hope you try a glass of beerenauslese (sp?).

        The wine markups at Danube are a bit much so watch out.

        All in all, it's one of my favorite dining experiences. I hope you get a chance to meet the manager, Walter. He's the real thing--authentic as they come in terms of Austria.

        Don't forget to get the lemon tea cake as you depart (it's real yummy for breakfast the next day).

        Would enjoy reading your report afterwards.

        1. In terms of the bar, if you want something swanky you can go to Tribeca Grand. If you want a very refined (I think cool) lounge you can try Brandy Library on N. Moore St (a ton of brandy and other liquors, but light on beer and wine choices). Bouble Lounge for a glass of champagne is also fairly close.

          Otherwise Danube actually has a really nice bar in the room when you first walk in. I would recommend having a drink there as well.