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Jul 12, 2006 12:14 PM

good eats in JP

Getting over to see the happenings at the Forest Hill Cemetery and wanted to eat well before we"go"

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  1. Happenings?

    I like the pizza at Dogwood Cafe across from the Forest Hills T Stop.

    Doyles is also not far from Dogwood.

    1. Are you talking about the Lantern Ceremony? What do you mean "go"? In any case, I agree with Dogwood and it's certainly convenient. James Gate, Costello's, Cafe D, Wonderspice all on the way to Forest Hills are good and reasonable. Roslindale has good spots too.

      1. Yes, the pizza at the Dogwood is excellent. They use a combo wood/gas-fired oven there.

        Any of the suggestions here are good. My personal favorites in the area are the Dogwood, Centre Street Cafe (comfort food), James's Gate (Irish pub), Wonder Spice Cafe (Cambodian/Thai/Vietnamese), and Doyle's (pub grub). Also, Roslindale has the Village Sushi (Japanese) and Sophia's Grotto (Mediterranean), as well as Delfino (Italian).

        And if you want a quick bite, there is Simco's on Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan. Excellent hot dogs!

          1. I agree less with the Wonderspice. I like the Thai place next to Bukhara (Ban Chiang) for Thai, and JP Seafood for noodles and sushi.