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Jul 12, 2006 11:20 AM

Bloor East Restaurants?

I was wondering if anyone might be able to suggest a restaurant around Bloor and Younge that isn't very expensive. I am looking for a lunch spot that is nice and reasonably priced but not necessarily cheap either.

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  1. Sushi Inn is located on Cumberland opposite the park. It's got great lunch specials and you can be quite full for $10.

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    1. re: Zengarden

      the last time i ate at sushi inn half of my sashimi pieces were frozen through the middle.

      1. re: pinstripeprincess

        Hi, Princess.
        Sorry to hear that your experience at Sushi Inn didn't meet your dining needs. There are other restos in the area that provide good sushi. Would love to hear whether you've found any in this neck of the woods.

        1. re: Zengarden

          my one-liner might have come off a bit more critical than intended for the sake of trying to be succinct.

          i've been to sushi inn many times and much prefer the lower one than above, the atmosphere is much calmer. on one occassion i had received a different sashimi plate than ordered, didn't bother mentioning it but they noticed and gave me the items in the plate that were different. service at the bottom one has been excellent.

          while it is quite economical, their humdrum selection and frozen pieces of fish say something about their freshness and somewhere after eating at japango... i have become a sushi snob. so while it's not for me, i wouldn't balk if someone said they enjoyed it.

          i've only been to shogun once, and while nice, there was little difference between them and sushi inn.

          if i were in that area i would actually go more towards yonge than yorkville. as mentioned already here, roy square holds a lot of little gems within the ethnic range (including some great jamaican). further south i'm looking to test out some of the japanese places from the japanese by japanese thread ( but won't be expecting sushi so much as teriyaki or don.

          i was only really in the yorkville area for class and so haven't explored it properly and have never really spent a significant amount of time at yonge and bloor.

          1. re: pinstripeprincess

            Thanks for your comments, Pinstripe.

            Not sure what the Japanese thread was highlighting as it seems like a broken link. Am interested in seeing what the comments are on that thread.

            1. re: pinstripeprincess

              hmm..... chowhound is including my close bracket and that's making the link not work.


      2. I like:

        Wish on Charles St
        Fire on the East Side (highly recommended)
        The Living Well (just south of Bloor on Yonge)
        Spring Rolls (at Yonge and Bloor)
        Bloor St Diner (at Bay and Bloor)
        And agree with previous poster, Sushi Inn in Yorkville!

        1. Actually, the restaurant in the Marriot is quite good. It is a hotel though, and may be priced accordingly.

          As far as Spring Rolls goes, I've had a bad reaction (stomach-wise) after every visit and have stopped going altogether.

          There is a back alley that runs just south of Bloor and just east of Yonge (you can get to it from either Bloor or Yonge). There are several small restaurants and when the weather is good, there is outdoor seating. The Vietnamese is good (I think it is called the Banana Leaf). I love their vege Pho and it is always packed. Closer to Yonge is Biryani House. They do a fine Indian take out. Other restaurants you can take out or eat in at in the alley way include Japanese and Chinese. I haven't tried either yet, but they are usually busy as well.

          Also, there is a new restaurant that has just opened over the Spotted Dick, where Ithaca used to be. I haven't tried it yet, but would be interested in hearing from anyone that has.

          1. Bhirani House on Roy's Square a half block south and east of B/Y - great platters and of course Bhirani

            1. Hello all,

              Thanks for all the great sugestions!

              My request for info was actually just for a one time business lunch but clearly I need to visit that area more often!

              I will definately be checking some of those places out!