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Jul 12, 2006 10:34 AM

lunch at George?

Am being treated to lunch at George. Any favourites as far as the lunch menu items go?

Excited to go as I would not be able to justify such a swish treat myself.


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  1. Can't rec lunch, had dinner twice, never been happier leaving a restaurant. Food exceptional in every way, complemented only by the outstanding service. Second visit was remembered by wait staff from first visit, and not seated in her area. Make it a long lunch or plan an apres pampering of some descript to extend the pleasure.

    1. They have a lovely back patio in addition to the beautiful dining room. I agree the food is spectacular. Please don't forget to take advantage of the wine pairings. Kym Cyr, the sommelier is fantastic. This is the most superlatives I've used in any posting!