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Jul 12, 2006 07:38 AM

Phoenix: I want great and late!

I work at a dinner-only restaurant. One of the drawbacks of working at such a place is that when my shift is done, there isn't much open anymore. Double-Doubles at In-N-Out can only be tolerated for so long, just like any place with a drive-through window or the eighteen kabillion ____berto's 24 hour Mexican joints that dot the Valley. Don't get me started on Denny's, IHOP, or 5 & Diner, puh-leeze. Here's what I know of for a late-night chow fix:

Pita Pit, Tempe: Generously sized pita wrap sandwiches, open til 2 AM, 3 Fri-Sat.
Delux, Phoenix: Ridiculously good burgers, open til 2 AM
Fatburger, Tempe: Not quite as good as Delux, but less costly. Open til at least 1, 2 Fri-Sat
Fate, Phoenix: Decent Asian food, open til 2 AM, 3 Fri-Sat
Boston's, Tempe: Pizza that's a step up from delivery dreck, open til 2 AM, 3 Fri-Sat
Nick's 24/7, Phoenix: Dreck pizza, but the only game in town when you want pizza after 3 AM
Richardson's, Phoenix: Open til midnight.

Are there any late-night essentials that I'm missing?

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  1. Thankfully, Nick's 24/7 has been closed for 4-5 months.

    I think you've got the list pretty much covered. I can't think of any other late night places.

    1. Isn't the kitchen at Tarbell's open late? I'm just guessing.

      I had no idea Delux was open so late. PARTAY!!!

      As an aside, the word around town is that Trader Vic's staff has some real lookers. :D

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      1. re: mamamia

        Yup. Delux is open until 2 AM every night and you would be surprised at how busy it is midweek at midnight.

      2. I think Carlsbad Tavern serves food til 2am. So does Four Peaks Brewery in Tempe.

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        1. re: dustchick

          I called Carlsbad Tavern and corfirmed. Their kitchen is open until 2:00am every night.

        2. Slices Pizza? Tempe & Old Town. Decent pizza by the slice. Open till 2 me thinks. Good for when you want a $2 fix, not a $10 meal.

          Mickey's Hangover. Old Town. Not sure how late they serve food, but they stay open very late. A lot of typical fatty apps, but also salads, etc. Interesting place.

          AZ88 - I thought they served late.

          That's all I can think of at the moment, but I'm sure you'll notice the trend: follow the nightlife folks!

          1. If you're going to count places open until midnight then Cornish Pasty Co. is open until midnight Fridays and Saturdays.

            I've thought the pizza at Boston's much better than delivery, but their pizza gets expensive by just ordering a few toppings (lord forbid you want to make your own pizza) and the restaurant can get way too noisy.

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            1. re: IamJacksBrain

              Oh yeah, and there's always leftovers at Christopher Fermier Brasserie Thursday through Saturday from 10 to midnight.