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Jul 12, 2006 04:15 AM

Capital Seafood, big let down

After reading raptuous reports about this outpost in the 99 market shopping center at Atlantic and Garvey, Mme Zoe and I hiked out for an early lunch - the better, we thought to get the freshest dim sum plus that they had to offer. We are practically disciples of New Capital Seafood in Rowland Heights and have recently trekked out there with my cousin Julian, a refugee from France and he prounced it to be an overwhelming experience of deliciousness, freshness, innovation, tastyness - well you get the picture.

This joint aint that; the grim roccoco atmosphere of the room reminds me of some movie set that didn't quite work; the wait persons are way too rushed and aggressive, lining up three and four around the table to ply their wares and the food was so incredibly disappointing; like it was made a while ago and left on steamers - it lacked taste, it was bland and Mme Zoe was pepping everything up with lots of chili dip, We had roast duck - well done but not a lot of flavor and quite cold rather than luke warm; the tripe was tastless, all the shrimp dishes lacked any deep flavor, the chicken feet were gloppy and also not very tasty. Admittedly we did not try the numerous hot pots which looked really good. Did I mention it was expensive too unlike NYC in the same shopping center. I love the dishes at NBC seafood around the corner and also NYC where we lunch most Tuesdays eating our way through the menu - we'll be back there next week. Caoital Seafood No, NYC Si.

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  1. I have posted very flattering reviews of our experiences at Capital Seafood in Monterey Park, so I am so sorry to read your report. It doesn't even sound like the same restaurant!

    We only know Capital Seafood on Saturday morning about 11:30AM for dim sum; perhaps this is when they are at their best. We have never had anything "cold" or "soggy" or "gloppy" as you described. In light of your post, I will be anxious to hear from others. Meanwhile, I look forward to our next visit there.

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      I showed up at Capital Seafood on a Saturday afternoon in May, right at 11:30AM, and stayed until 12:30PM. I encountered similar types of lukewarm items that should have been freshly hot. Items like har gow or shiu mai are usually very popular and usually are ordered quickly so that newly made batches are on the carts, but that was not the case during my visit. It wasn't that bad, but it was just merely average.

      If it's as good as you say, that it just means that they are inconsistent in their quality.

    2. Sorry to hear that you had a bad time at Capital Seafood. Like Liu, we usually got between 11-11:30am on Saturday and have had nothing that was cold or even lukewarm.

      Although I can't say I've tried the tripe, duck, or chicken feet, and I do agree that I do not care for any of their shrimp dishes, their sticky rice with dried scallop is by far the best sticky rice dish I've had in this city.

      We usually order their beef rice rolls (which, IMHO are much better than their shrimp or pork rolls), some shu mai, a couple of dumplings, and congee, all of which are superb. They also make some really interesting and tasty desserts. I especially like their coconut/black rice concoction, which kind of looks like a cookies and cream jello.

      It remains my absolute favorite dim sum place.

      1. Ninja, did you see, and perhaps even try, the tapioca pudding in a small plastic cup that was infused with fresh pieces of fruit? It was on the same cart as some of the beverages and other desserts? If you are inclined to try it, it is one of my favorite things there.

        Also, did you try either of their pastry-covered items: one was an egg custard (not too sweet), and the other was an almond tea (I think); we were just too full by the time it came by.

        Next time...

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          I've tried their egg custard, which I don't generally like, and their mango custard, which I thought was great, even though I'm not a huge fan of mango. I am also usually too full to get their pastry-covered item, but I will be sure to look for the tapioca pudding. I love tapioca!

          1. re: ninja

            Ninja -- speaking of tapioca...have you tried the Harry's tapioca (2-pak, not a problem!!) at Costco? It is pretty fine!

            The tapioca pudding with the fruit at Capital Seafood is not at all sweet, just perfectly refreshing! Please do let me know what you think!

        2. I went to dim sum on sunday, I was suprised how the waiter and waitress being so friendly, we ordered chicken feet, it tastes better than many other restaurant I went before, it's not like the title have suggested, may be you have to try another time before you can say a restaruant is good or bad. :D

          1. SO sorry to hear about negative Capital. I've been there on many occasions, Sat mornings and Sundays and I've always had great experiences. Maybe just an off time. I hope so.