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Jul 12, 2006 04:03 AM

Kitchen myths

Thought this would get people talking:

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  1. These read like condensed, less detailed versions of excerpts from Harold McGee's books.

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    1. re: mhoffman

      Some are, some aren't. Most people on this website haven't heard of Harold McGee and would benefit from the introduction.

      1. re: Darren72

        I cannot imagine most true hounds would be unfamiliar with McGee.

        1. re: Candy

          Well, its an empirical statement. There are certainly those who have read everything he's written, and those who have never heard of him. Does it matter how many are in each camp? No. My statement was my guess. Who cares, though? Now everyone who has read this topic knows the name and can learn more if they want to.

    2. What fun this article is! I'd heard a number of them before, partic. the bean salting/soaking. Thanks for posting.

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      1. re: oakjoan

        You're welcome. I wish the author had gone the extra step and pointed out that soaking beans in water, and then discarding the water, throws out some the flavor and nutrients.

      2. Alton Brown did an episode of Good Eats called "Myth Smashers" and dealt with some of that stuff. He did some others as well.


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        1. re: Davwud

          Correct. He got a lot of those from Harold McGee's books. Definitely "good reads".

        2. Alton Brown can often be seen on Good Eats with a furrowed brow, thumbing pages of "On Food and Cooking."

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          1. re: mhoffman

            I think he's done more to promote that book than anyone. I bet it is not a coincidence that a revised version was published a year or two ago!

          2. OMG, thank you for posting that. I've been hanging on to a recipe calling for wheat starch for a week now, looking for it in all the markets to no avail. When I read the sentence "wheat starch (or flour)..." I almost died.