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Two days for lunch and love food where should we go?

I am a chef in Napa and my husband is a winemaker, We love great food and wine of course however, we love to be exposed to new things. For example, ethnic?! We fly into Ontario and we are staying somewhere in Hollywood? Thanks for the replies! If you are in Napa let me know?

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  1. A.O.C.
    Cobras & Matadors

    For ethnic -- do you have time to go to San Gabriel Valley?
    Sea Harbor or New Concept
    Vietnam House where they have a 7 course beef meal for 15$
    Tung Lai Shun -- Islamic style Chinese
    Ding Tai Fung -- famous soup dumplings

    P.S. love Napa, adult disneyland!

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        Oh no! We used to love to do hotpot there in the winter/fall.

    1. Thanks for the leads! I am not to sure where San Gabriel Valley is? We are staying at 8445 Beverly Blvd. in Beverly hills( the elan hotel). Is anything you suggested close? Yes, we love living here in Napa. So blessed!

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        You are pretty close to

        AOC - tapas; a favorite place among LA Chowhounds; able to taste wine by the half-glass.
        Mako - Japanese, but famous for its more tapas style dishes
        Grace - fine dining
        Angelini Osteria - Italian
        La Terza - Italian
        Cut - steakhouse
        Mastro's - steakhouse
        Providence - seafood, fine dining

        welcome to LA!

      2. Mastro's in Beverly Hills is a personal favorite. A bit pricey, but you'll probably spot a celeb or two, the service is excellent and the food is outstanding! Get the bone-in ribeye (served on a 400o plate. Also make sure you order the lobster mashed potatoes. One of my favorite dishes ever! It's gotta have at least a whole lobster in there. 3 of us at it at the restaurant and I still had left overs for two nights afterwards. TIP: If you and your hubby share a steak and an appetizer, you could get out of there for probably less than $60. But you can easily spend $60 per person too...if not more.

        1. Napa and Sonoma have so many amazing places to eat that I can't help but think some of our "finer" places may seem like pale shadows next to what you've got.

          If you are in WeHo, you may have a lot of fun roaming the Farmer's Market at Fairfax and 3rd -- we like the Gumbo Pot, but there are some excellent places to eat and eat and eat.

          Then you could head south down Fairfax and pick from any number of good Ethiopian places in Little Ethiopia: I think the two best are Meals by Genet (Board and critical fave) and Messob (personal preference).

          If you want excellent homey bistro French, go to Mimosa at 8009 Beverly Boulevard. It's been around about a decade, so it tends to get overlooked, but it's really good food and lovely ambience.

          Mako is a great suggestion; Orris and Beacon are similar, but Mako is the best of the three (I think) and also closer to you. It's on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills.

          AOC --eh-- never could understand the fuss -- you've probably got something far superior where you live. I'm in the minority on this board, but I think it's pretty overrated.

          1. If you are not going to venture out to the San Gabriel Valley, then for ethnic, try Manna Korean Cuisine for Korean BBQ.

            3377 W. Olympic Blvd.
            (323) 733-8516

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              The problem with Manna is that if you're in a small group (say, 2), they won't take reservations, but then when you get there they seat all the large groups first and it can take hours to get seated. I'd send them to Beverly Soon Tofu -- not the same kind of food, but better and much quicker.

              To the OP: As for the San Gabriel Valley, you'll be driving through it on the way from ONT to Hollywood. It's on the 10 and 60 freeways, from about the 57 to the 710; exit the 10 at San Gabriel, Del Mar, New, Garfield or Atlantic for the best Chinese food in SoCal.

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                Also in San Gabriel, Babita, Mexican cuisine you are unlikely to experience in your neck of the woods. Worth the brief exit (head north) off the 10 freeway for some of LA's best Mexican. A review is included in the LA Weekly's recent list of 99 restaurants, which you may find to be a useful reference:


                1823 S. San Gabriel Blvd.
                San Gabriel, CA 91776
                (626) 288-7267

            2. I recommend Il Pastaio, which has authentic Italian food. The risotto there is delicious and so is the pasta.

              Il Pastaio
              400 N Canon Dr.
              Beverly Hills, CA 90210-4820

              Another one of my favorite restaurants that's a little bit further from there is Loteria! Grill in the Farmer's Market for authentic Mexican food. Try the chilaquiles with red mole and shredded chicken or the conchita pibil tacos.

              Loteria Grill
              6333 W 3rd St
              Los Angeles, CA 90036
              (323) 930-2211

              I've only been to Flavor of India for dinner, but everything there has been delicious. Your meal comes with a variety of sides:

              Flavor of India
              9045 Santa Monica Blvd
              Los Angeles, CA 90069
              (310) 274-1715

              Finally, there's Urth Caffe. They have lots of organic teas and coffees and some tasty sandwiches, salads and soups. I'm partial to the panini with proscuitto, gruyere, sun dried tomatos, olive tappenade and basil. The chicken curry salad sandwich is tasty and doesn't come drenched in mayo. And the lemonade tastes fresh squeezed. I've heard that the desserts there are very tasty, which I would believe; I never have room, unfortunately. Don't be intimidated by the crowds that you'll see at the Melrose location--everything moves quickly. You can find metered parking on Melrose. And you can sit outside, too. I've never been to the location on Beverly Drive, though, so I can't tell you what it's like there.

              Urth Caffe
              8565 Melrose Ave
              West Hollywood, CA 90069
              (310) 659-0628

              Urth Caffe
              267 S Beverly Dr
              Beverly Hills, CA 90212

              Enjoy your stay!

              1. If you are looking for things you won't find in Napa I would head on Wilshire towards downtown LA til you come to McAurthur Park. There you will finde 2 fine places for Lunch.

                Langer's. Arguably one of the World's Best Pastrami Sandwiches. Get the Meat Hand Cut and you will be in Heaven.

                704 S Alvarado St., Los Angeles, CA.(213) 483-8050

                Also around the Park is Mama's Hot Tamales. Mamas has some of the best examples of various regonal Tamales you'll find.

                2124 W. Seventh St., Los Angeles CA (213) 487-7474

                If you want to go out of you way to find something new and interesting for lunch, go to Tacos Baja Ensenada where you can get Crispy fried fish or shrimp folded into warm corn tortillas with salsa, shredded cabbage and a squeeze of lime, sprinkled with freshly chopped herbs and finished with a squirt of thick, cultured cream. They also have some very good Ceviche

                5385 Whittier Blvd., East L.A.; (323) 887-1980.

                1. Thank you everyone for some wonderful leads! I will right them all down so we can be ready next weekend. We are coming in for a wedding. How far is the farmer's market from where we are staying? Love Indian and Ethopian, Tamales etc. Well I love it all!

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                    The Farmer's Market is very close to where you're staying. Less than 2 miles. Little Ethopia is about a mile and a half south of Farmer's Market.

                  2. Consider Cafe Stella for beautiful French dining in Silverlake.

                    1. Geoffrey's - quintessential Malibu. Get a patio table and get there before dusk. Order bottle of Malibu wine. Jim Palmer's Malibu Vineyard Syrah 2004 is good.

                      Ortolan - in the city near Beverly Center. Old barnwood floors with sexy, high backed white duck cotton covered banquets with crystal chandeliers over each table. Cool platings on slate and uusually shaped dishes. Owned by ex- L'Orangerie chef Christophe Eme and his girlfriend, actress Gerry (??) from Startrek. Little blue flashlight for anyone over 40 to read the menu! The sommelier is a frigging crack up and knows CA wines better than French.

                      L'Orangerie - LA's most legendary restaurant. In the city on La Cienega. It's more approachable than anyone imagines. They actually encourage you to "stop in" before a movie to sip some Mumm Rose by the glass in the bar. The maitre'd is a daring young guy. Owner is Gerard Ferry...who I think is out of town right now at his estate in France making olive oil for the restaurant for the year! But, ask for him anyway and tell him that Alyson sent you. Try the Foie Gras Creme Brulee. Amazing bordeaux wine list.

                      1. The above suggestion for Il Pastaio is agreed. Originally owned by one of the famed Drago brothers. Not sure if they still do......

                        1. Please tell us where you went to eat & how it was!