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basic food needs in forest hills/rego park


my significant other just moved to the border of forest hills/rego park (around the 67th ave stop). we're familiar with some of the more dinnertime type of restaurants (the various thai restaurants, nick's, etc) but need advice for more day to day eating.


1) best coffee besides starbucks
2) a place to get a egg, bacon and cheese on a roll/bagel - i noticed a lot of these jewish bagel stores have great bagels but of course, won't serve these type of egg sandwiches
3) ice cream/dessert
4) 24 hour delis/diners/eateries

thank you!!

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  1. My favorite uzbek restaurant is at 67th ave on Queens Blvd. - Arzu. Open late (except for Fri) till Midnight and cheap enough to be your daily staple. Try their lagman - best in all NYC.

    I think there is a 24hr diner when you walk towards Manhattan on QB (with clock tower). Andre's bakery is also near 67th ave. If you get off 63rd drive stop and walk east a block or two there is a great Persian store 'Sunflower' selling bulk dried fruits and nuts and many other eastern goodies like lukum etc.

    1. coffee - 7 eleven or dunkin donuts. no kidding. they some of the best coffee around (beats starbucks hands down)

      as for the egg/bacon/cheese/roll or bagel as long as the bagel store is not kosher you can get it.

      dessert - on metropolitan avenue next to the movie theatre is a little place that serves cake. limited selection but good ones. there's also a place further down closer to 71st ave. called the metro cafe - coffee is good/desserts are limited but good. comfy setting. great salads, wraps.

      piu bello(a?) across from barnes and noble is okay for certain things. they have gelatto (gellato?). some of the flavors are incredible and others stink.

      24 hour - the tower, i think.

      1. For best bagels and very fresh salads such as Poached salmon, herring, great tuna w/vegetables, etc...go to Bagelette on 63rd Rd, same street as Sears on North side, but away from QB towards 98th St.--BEST place in area by far--For best selection of Israeli import foods, and other staples such as dried fruits, and nuts, etc--and yogurt cheese, and great Shug (green hot sauce)--go to Carmel on 108th St--corner of 64th Ave..For best chicken in the area, go to the Rego Park, Woodhaven branch of Pio Pio--Stay away from Rego Pita to go near Platinum Gym, not very good, go instead to the other place that replaced Habait, that I used to like alot..it's not that far from you--near 67th ave..Mickey's for sushi is liked by alot of people, but I tend to get takeout veg sushi from place on Austin near Ascan--Andre's has the best rugeluch in NYC, and you are right near there, and there other stuff is sometimes good too, but pricey...you have the knish place near you, although without that cool neon sign they had, who cares to eat there I wonder? Thai Pot that's near you has gotten some favorable reviews, but my husband was not too impressed and thought their lunch special very expensive, $11 for squid w/chili sauce--(seafood $3 extra)--and nowhere near Srip quality........Hope this helps a bit.....

        1. I have lived in forest hills for almost two years, and here's what I've found:
          Pizza--on Queens Blvd and 67th Avenue--Diamante is pretty good pizza. Best to order fresh pie--if you catch a slice at the end of the day no telling how long it's been sitting there, but many lazy nights, my wife and I have knocked off a fresh diamante pie (squeare pie is good too).
          Knish Nosh--very underrated. decent soups, great knishes (sweet potato knish is great)
          Mickeys for sushi, all the thai places are mediocre at best.
          There is kosher butcher place called Avners right off 67th ave on QB that has fantastic assorted nuts and dried fruit... from what i gather, he is one of many, but i am loyal, and his turkish pistachios rock.
          Finally, the real treat--Leo's Latticcini. Do a search on this site to find all about it. everything written is true and then some. When i move out of queens i will only return for Leo's (and corona ices king)

          1. Thank you so much for the suggestions! Here have been my latest ventures in the area:

            Piu Bello; Yummy gelato but $3.25 for a tiny cup! Highway robbery.

            Tower Diner; I wasn't impressed. Overcooked eggs. :(

            Knish Nosh; A friendly guy at the counter but I thought the knish was overwhelming potato-ish! It was made very well though, but too much filling for my taste.

            Ben's Best; The corned beef on rye was great, but I thought the obligatory side of cole slaw/pickles were mediocre, at best. Ben's Deli (Bayside & Long Island) and Deli King (Lake Success in Long Island) does the sides much better.

            Hoping to try a local sushi place soon, thanks for the suggestion.

            Leo's Latticcini sounds heavenly! I can't wait. I LOVE Corona's Ices! I'm still on my mission to try all the flavors. I've got all the fruit ones down and now are onto the weird ones, like coffee (BLECH).

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              I think Ralph's ice on Austin and Ascan is much better than Corona's ices. Neither Leo's or Corona's is anywhere near the requested location for tips, so don't know why they were mentioned....Deli is non existent in the area except for Ben's--no good sandwich places--There was a great place on Austin called THE HOMESTEAD but it was sold and there's an eye glass place there now--Have you tried Corfu in the same plaza as Piu Bella but upstairs...they have a great lunch special $5.50 I think for lots of food--very good chicken kebab, and excellent Bifteki--good country style greek salad, decent spinach pie, and very good lemon potato--it's small place, but food is fresh and prices right, and portions very fair.......we eat there alot. If you're looking for a great supermarket, big, modern, and clean---make sure you go to the recently opened STOP & SHOP on Union Turnpike in Forest Hills/Glendale area.....it's very good, and their deli carries all Boars head stuff......Also, I had posted about the new Atlas Shopping Center on Cooper in Glendale, which is going to have an Amish Market with organic produce, and gourmet selections...so, I am looking forward to this--it is desperately needed for this area........

            2. whoops--pizza shop i called diamante is in fact called primadonna. and leo's/corona are not walkable from FH, but if you have a car...i believe there is a bus that runs down 108 st too.

              1. I've lived in Forest Hills for about a year now and can hopefully provide you with some insight.

                1) Carmel on 108th street has some good coffee beans. I agree with the previous poster that Dunkin' Donuts is as good as it's gonna get in the area.

                2) Forest Hills Bagels (the one by the Walgreens and Taco Bell) does bacon/egg/cheese but the bagels are not the greatest.

                3) I always end up going to Tasti D for ice cream. I'm not a big fan of Piu Bello but perhaps I haven't tried the right flavor.

                4) I really like Corfu on Austin Street and Mako Sato (sp?) the Japanese place on Queens Blvd. I've been to Thai Pot and find it just okay. Nick's Pizza on Ascan is a good choice too in the area. Andre's has good strudel.

                Hope this helps!

                1. Hi, welcome to my neighborhood! If you are going to lemon ice king, then you have to stop at empanadas del parque on 108th, between lemon ice and the lie. Assuming you have a car, I like to go to metropolitan avenue for dinner and a movie, it's much easier to park than in f hills proper. Dinner at dee's pizza, a movie at cinemart, and then ice cream at eddie's sweet shop, yummm. I bet they have their homemade blueberry and peach ice cream now. For delivery, I like J&D pizza on 108th and hang shing kitchen on metropolitan for chinese. I heard that chow on yellowstone is a nice coffee shop, but i've never been. If you hear a dog barking annoyingly in the neighborhood, it's probably mine.

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                    Dee's pizza is (to my taste) some of the best pizza in the city. Thin cornmeal dusted crust that is crispy but tender, wood-oven baked, one size (medium-ish) can feed two or one hearty eater. Try the Four Seasons (really good non-greasy pepperoni, artichoke hearts, fresh mozzarella, portobello mushrooms); I also like to build my own with eggplant, kalamata olives and mild feta-like manouri goat cheese. If you eat in, their pasta and other foods are also excellent.
                    107-23 Metropolitan Ave (near Ascan)

                  2. There's a very large speciality food store (Asian Owner) on Austin St near Ascan Ave. It's always very crowded and for a very good reason. Take a look. Don't remember the name but it's always on my list when I'm in Forest Hills.

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                        yes, they have just about any gourmet ingredient you can think of--quite remarkable--nice prosciutto too

                      2. for thai - try thai austin which is downstairs from corfu (yes, is very good). thai austin is very good. and if you can get to metropolitan the thai restaurant (star of siam?) is also very good. and i definitely agree with the other poster about dee's. it's really good despite the insistence that nick's is the best around. (i'll probably be slammed for this but A&J has good pizza also)

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                          I agree, A&J definitely has good slices.

                        2. Am I the only person in FH who likes Primodonna on 67th and QB?

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                            Yes. never liked Primadonna, I'd even go so far as to say that the Kosher Pizza place that just closed was better (despite the roaches). Plus the some surly service at Primadonna in the front doesn't help.
                            I do notice a new pizza place opening in that old Kosher place called Constantines. I konw nothing yet. Most days I will walk to the 63rd stop to Avelino's, which I think is one of the best in the borough.

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                              I live a block from Primadonna and won't go near the place, even if I'm starving -- would rather get a frozen pizza and take it home than eat that poison!

                              On a separate note, I'm in Mickey's withdrawal -- if anyone can recommend a good sushi place that delivers to 67th ave. area, I would be much obliged! I don't want to have to get into a car or on a train to get a decent piece of hamachi sashimi, but the way the food in our 'hood is going, it seems I may well have to!

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                                What about Metro Sushi in Kew Gardens on Metrop near Lefferts? Very fresh, inexpensive, and they deliver. Their phone is 718-850-8888 Cute little place, and very clean.

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                                  oh primadonna's pizza is soooo nasty. so soggy, so bad, and really don't like the attitude of some of the people behind the counter too.

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                                    I guess i am alone. to clarify--not my first choice, but i think a fresh pie isn't bad. I think a fresh pie anywhere isn't bad...

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                                      The supermarket on Austin & Ascan is one of the better ones queens has to offer and would shine even in manhattan.. Definately THE place to shop in Forest Hills..

                                      One shoppe which I'm surpised to not see mentioned is
                                      CHEESES OF THE WORLD..
                                      This place is a funk frenzy of pastuerize and unpastuerized paradise..
                                      Great selection and great quality of cheeses and all things that go with them.. some preserves, breads/biscuits and olives.. and on top of that,
                                      this little place manages to pack in some of the best cured meats around~
                                      Hard to find delicacy JAMBON SERRANO is alive and well here,
                                      and is one of only 3 places I'll purchase it in all of the city.

                                      As for resto's..
                                      Austin Thai, which I explored as a result of recommendations on this site,
                                      is really quite good~
                                      I enjoyed everything I ordered and can vouche for the authenticity~
                                      As for the service though, the two girls there could'nt have been more spacey.. Though polite and courteous, it was perhaps the worst service I've received in recent memory.. short of rudeness of course.
                                      I do pass on the recommendation of this really stand-out kitchen though~

                                      BannThai is pretty good too~ Further towards Yellowstone on Austin..

                                      In Rego Park~
                                      I can suggest "Chebureknaya" on 63rd Drive across from the Sharlemane Diner by the LIRR overpass~
                                      This place is absolutely great for chebureki, samcy, KEBABs!, soups and all types of "off-beat" meat dishes~ Great place~

                                      "Colombia Chicken" on 63rd and 95th across from HSBC,
                                      has good chicken and really good Gazpacho soup..
                                      but honestly, not much else there is remarkable~

                                      "Ben's Kosher Deli" on Queens Blvd a half of a block east of 63rd Drive,
                                      is a queens landmark.. and although it may seem pricey on the menu,
                                      the portions are enormous and the food is just as classic NY deli as you can get these days~

                                      "Istanbul" on Queens Blvd half of a block west of 63rd drive is a great place for Turkish/East Med. food~ Especially by the way of take out (although it's a nice place to eat in as well, warm weather opens the backyard patio)..
                                      Whatever sandwich you order (if you order a sandwich) get it on the "homebread".. Great place for kebab and shwarma (doner)~

                                      Also to note,
                                      the "Met" supermarket on 63rd drive is alot better than one would imagine~
                                      especially for dry goods~
                                      I do however go to the corner produce shoppe for the fresh fruits and veggies~ that place is great


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                                        Good tips HaveTaste! I'd add Queens Bazaar on 63rd just a few doors down from the Met Food--for Middle Eastern, Mizrachi (oriental/sephardic Jewish) foodstuffs. Baklava, dried fruits, nuts, spices, Israeli brands (Achla, Osem, Prigrat, etc.) and Bukharan breads (similar to the breads served in Turkish restaurants). A treasure!!

                              2. Reviving this topic to mention a pizzaria that opened a couple of months ago on austin near the police station--amici's. I liked it! It makes a nice NY foldable slice. I thought it was pretty tasty and the buffalo wings were nice and crispy and tender. I'm happy to find a place to get a decent slice in the neighborhood.

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                                  There are previous threads on most of these recommendations:
                                  1. Tangra Wok on Queens Blvd & 63rd Ave for Indian-Chinese; they have good lunch specials
                                  2. Ran on Metropolitan Ave in Forest Hills. Very fresh sushi
                                  3. DB Wine Bar, also on Metropolitan, across from Ran. Tapas-sized dishes and excellent wine selection.
                                  4. Pio Pio on Woodhaven Blvd in Rego Park for Peruvian rotisserie chicken and def. have the salad, which has the most amazing dressing

                                2. It might be a little further away, but the Georgia Dinner on Queens Blvd (3 blocks past Queens Center) is always open. Free parking, near a local subway stop and buses. Enjoy the pickles.

                                  1. DB wine bar rocks. Anyone know if he's still being sued by Daniel Boulud (sp)? I'd hate to see them close. There's a decent bakery on Metropolitan called La Dolce Italia that has very nice little desserts and gelato. And also on Metropolitan there is a Carvel. Hey, beats Mr. Softee!
                                    Another diner no one mentions is UJs, off Austin. Food is fine (for what it is). Only problem is sometimes the service is just plain lousy, you have to hit it at the right time or you will wait forever.. Cheeses of the World is great too, especially since they changed owners (service is much better and the mean old man is gone--good riddance!).

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                                      Metropolitan Ave in general has the best restaurants in FH. I've only eaten at DB's Wine Bar once, but it was fantastic and I hope to go back soon. La Vina is good for Italian...Dee's is highly regarded, and there are some new places I haven't tried yet.