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Jul 12, 2006 03:17 AM

Littleton Diner, NH?

Traveling north through Vermont/NH this weekend and came across the Littleton Diner on the web. Was considering them for breakfast, as they boast pancakes made from locally milled, organic whole grains. Any opinions would be much appreciated...thanks!

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  1. GREAT place!!!! My husband got the pancakes but I got the Best roast beef hash in the world and eggs. They make their own hash. We tried another place for breakfast and their hash was out of a can.

    1. Hey, that sounds great, thanks...I also notice that they make their own baked beans....anyone try these?

      1. The Littleton diner is worth going out of your way for. If you are into early American diner food, then this place fits the bill. While their breakfasts are what most everyone goes for, I must say I have enjoyed several lunches there. Great cheeseburgers and FF, meatloaf, and American chop suey.

        1. Seriously to die for FF, but the hamburger was ho-hum and the lunch special was dried out from being kept under a warming lamp (or something) for too long. Breakfast sounds better than the lunch we had...

          1. I agree it's a great place. Hash and pancakes are outstanding. Don't know if the beans are homemade. Let us know.