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Jul 12, 2006 03:16 AM

NYC food in LA?

Where can I get a good slice of NY style pizza in LA? I'm originally a New Yorker, then lived in Miami where I had my pizza place growing up (Cassola's), but ever since I moved to LA, I don't think I've had a really good slice of pie.

Oh, and while I'm on the topic of NY food in LA, where do you guys go for sushi regularly? I've been to a bunch of those pan-asian special sushi places, and those extraordinarily priced ones, but where can you go for a plateful of raw fish that won't break the bank? I had my regular spot growing up in Miami (Sushi Rock Café) but I need a place to call my own out here!

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  1. we love d'amores where they claim to import water from boston. thin pizza and it doesn't sag when you hold it. closest we've come to the ny pizza we miss dearly.

    last time we went to mulberry's pizza (2 locations), we were less than impressed than the first time

    some love casa bianca, but it doesn't cut it for us

    as for sushi that won't break the bank: we love Izayoi, Sushi Nozawa, Saito, Katsuya

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      Their claim is accurate. I've seen the stacked cases of bottled water from Boston sitting in the front of the shop on Winnetka.

    2. Thanks for all the suggestions! Could you let me know where those places are? Not all of them, but the ones you most suggest? I'm located in Hollywood but work in NoHo and frequent Studio City.

      I think I've been to Mulberry (that's the one on Beverly near Olympic, right? It wasn't horrible, but wasn't great. I may need to try it again. The one decent slice I found (which may have been because I hadn't eaten all day) was at this place next to the El Capitan theater across from Hollywood and Highland. Can't remember the name, and again I was hungry, but it was a large slice and very greasy.

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        D'Amore's Pizza Connection has several locations:
        7137 Winnetka Ave (sherman way), canoga park 818-348-5900
        15928 Ventura Blvd, Encino 818-907-9100
        22601 PCH, Malibu 310-317-4500
        12910 Magnolia Blvd, Sherman Oaks, 818-505-1111
        14519 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, 818-905-3377
        Skyline Shopping Ctr, Thousand Oaks, 805-596-0030
        1077 Broxton Ave, Westwood 310-209-1212

        Mulberry's is hit or miss, 3 locations:
        347 N Canon Dr, 310-247-8998
        240 S Beverly Dr 310-247-8100
        17040 Ventura Blvd, Encino 818-906-8881
        We went to Beverly location as well, first time hit the spot, second off the mark, enough off the mark we considered complaining, but we thought how ridiculous it would sound to say it wasn't as good as last time! Anyhow, I'm told they get their dough from Lamonicas

        Lamonica's NY Pizza
        518 Sixth St, Downtown 213-614-1100
        1066 Gayley Ave, Westwood 310-208-8671

        Casa Bianca
        1650 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock 323-256-9617

        1. re: luswei

          THANKS! And which sushi place should I check out first?

          Does any one of them have a particularly good sunomono?

          1. re: luswei

            The Lamonica's in Downtown is now called LA New York Pizza - same owners and food. Not sure about the Westwood one.

            I prefer their Sicilian to the NY style.

        2. Check out Village Pizzeria in the Larchmont Village area of Hancock Park. I'm originally a New Englander and it took me YEARS and YEARS before I found decent pizza in Southern California. In fact, I only discovered Village Pizzeria in the past two years. (I honestly don't know why Southern Californians can't get it right.)

          The owners of Village Pizzeria are originally from New York. Here's their website.

          Try the Village Special (minus the anchovies). They make their own sausages and meatballs. Make sure you get the thin crust. The thick crust is fine, but the thin crust (Neopolitan)is better.

          1. My favorite NY style pizza in LA is Damianos/Mr. Pizza on Fairfax, across from Canter's. I prefer their slices over Mulberry St. and Village Pizzeria in Larchmont Village.

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            1. re: SoCal Foodie

              I visited Damianos on Fairfax last Sunday and had a miserable experience. I ordered a slice of cheese pizza to eat inside at one of their dark, ripped-up, and very dirty booths. I received a dried-up slice that looked as if it had been sitting out all day. After a bite, I got up and demanded another slice from one of their many pre-made pizzas that they use to reheat for slices. I told them that they should be embarrassed to serve a slice as terrible as what I got. Well, they did apologize and gave me another slice that was much better----but it still wasn't heated properly. I left vowing never to return----unless it was at 3:00am on a drunken night out and I couldn't afford going across the street to Canter's!

            2. I know there were some mixed reviews on Albano's on another post...but I think the key there is to order the whole pie and not get slices. The heated up slices tend to be dry...but full pie was one of the best I've ever had.

              In terms of sushi...agree on those above, particularly Katsuya...but I would consider Nozowa breaking the bank (always a min of $50/person). Some of my favorite more reasonably priced:

              Sushi Yu & Mi in Beverly Hills (little SM btwn. Rodeo & Beverly)

              Wa Sushi - LaCienega just north of Holloway

              Sushiya - Sunset near sunset plaza drive

              Sushi Mon - 3rd St. just west of San Vicente across from Cedars Sinai