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Jul 12, 2006 03:13 AM

Your best Boudin

I am looking to make my own Boudin. I have had great success with Italian and breakfast sausage, so now I want to get a little bit more daring. So what is the best mix of pork to liver? That seems to be one of the major differances in some of the recipes I have seen. Any recipes would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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  1. There is no best ratio of pork to liver for everybody. I, for example, love liver, so it would be practically impossible to make boudin with too much liver for me. Other folks don't like liver so much. The only advice I can offer you that might be of some value is don't skimp on the salt. That's the big mistake I made with my first batch of boudin. Bonne chance!

    Jim (Jacques)

    1. I'd say a ratio of 6:1, or even a little less, unless you're a liver-lover. Be sure not to skimp on the fresh parsley, I like to see some "green" in my boudin & think it adds a necessary bright, bitter note. Another suggestion: mix up a batch, then fry up a couple of blobs of filling in a skillet and taste for seasonings before stuffing it into casings.