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Jul 12, 2006 02:52 AM

Places to Dine & Dance in Phoenix -- old school ?

So pretend it's 1943 - I'm waxing nostalgic.

Fellows: You are on leave from the army for the weekend. Dressed up, but you don't normally wear anything formal so maybe you're not feeling perfect. No worries.

Ladies: You'd like to go to a place to meet some fellows, so you are dolled up - but it's not as formal as... a formal?

So everyone wants to go out and have a good time. Looking good, but not in tux or ballroom gear. You'd like some good grub, but don't need the best or most expensive restaurant. Rather, you want a place to eat, meet and dance. Do you see the scene?

There's a formal aspect at the table, but you can go to the bar and laugh it up with a friend. Then someone grabs your hand and pulls you in front of a lively band. You can dance all night, go back to the bar, or return to your table for a well mannered course. There's action no matter where you go.

Zoom to 2006.

Is this happening in Phoenix? Maybe not now due to the heat, but are there fun dinner/dance places in the fall? Durants is a classy old school steak house, but do they or similar places have dancing?


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  1. Sadly, I don't know of any dinner-and-dancing/supper clubs. I guess that's seen as too "old" for the young and hip of Phoenix. Every major city I've been to has options for a nice night out with dinner, drinks, and dancing.

    If the Mastro's/Ocean Club bars weren't packed to the gills with those on the scene, they would be perfect since they actually have some great musicians there every night.

    The only place I would venture to have something like this would be Sun City, since the older crowd really enjoys some dancing with their dinner. But you have to eat by 6pm.


    1. Durant's does not have dancing, although it is a classic restaurant. I don't know of any place that would meet your definition. Most of the dancing places I know are bars or night clubs. Mastro's in Scottsdale has a dance floor, but most of people around the dance floor are cozying up to the bar, not having dinner.

      I wish I could help you further, but I haven't heard of any places that are something similar to the Rainbow Room in NYC.

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        1. I realize I'm posting late to this, but let me say, I wish what you describe existed. I'm a young'n (read: mid 30's) and didn't grow up in the post war era. But I pine for the class and elegance that is implied by such establishments.

          A place where the dinner and the entertainment are blended together with a "casual" formal atmosphere. Live entertainment, maybe a mix of solo jazz singers and band, and comedians with clean respectable humor. I'd love it.

          That said, most of my peers, and even more so younger than me, wouldn't be interested. But - maybe there would be a market for the baby-boomers. Who knows?

          Now reality. I've been to Mastro's in Orange County California. There was a group of 8 of us, and we ate in the bar. The ambience and service was very nice (dark lighting, rich colors, Frank and Dean playing in the background, live piano singer after 8pm). Food was great (we had both seafood and steak), maybe a little more expensive than it needed to be. Definitely a great place to go if you want an "over the top" experience. And you could dance. So, somewhat on track with what you're asking for? Sadly, no where near the scale. In any case, hopefully, Scottsdale's version is similar.

          1. There's a new place called Skye in Peoria that claims to offer this type of experience. I haven't been there but have read a little in the local media: