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Jul 12, 2006 02:22 AM

Best Dim Sum (with the carts)?

Hey everybody...I went to Chinatown in NYC and had dim sum there with the carts. Is there a place in DC anyone would recommend for weekend dim sum with the carts going around with a good selection, not too pricey, and most importantly great dim sum?


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  1. General concensus on the board seems to be:

    New Fortune (Gaithersburg)
    Oriental East (Silver Spring)
    Hollywood East Cafe on the Boulevard (Wheaton)
    Fortune (Falls Church)
    Mark's Duck House (Falls Church)

    Sorry, nothing in DC proper worth visiting.

    1. i would agree with most of your list, but personally, i enjoy china chef in wheaton much better than oriental east.

      there's also another fortune in wheaton--good fortune--i forgot what the lineage is, but i think they were related at one point.

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      1. re: atls21231

        I was at Good Fortune (Wheaton) this weekend and the carts were rolling by every minute. In addition to excellent quality, six adults & two kids got out for $60.

        1. re: tubman

          I went to Good Fortune a couple of months ago, after a several year drought.

          Worst dim sum I've had in years. Not fresh, cold, little variety, and the place was dingy. This place used to be great, but it's far from acceptable these days.

          Go across the street to Hollywood East instead.

      2. I would recommend avoiding Fortune on in Falls Church. It's gawdawful and the food is cold. I do recommend Lucky Three nearby on Leesburg Pike, but be wary of the bill. I was there twice recently and both times, the bill was tallied wrong. First time, they added more dishes on the card than I had on the table, and second time, the waitress could not or did not do simple math and added 10 dollars to my tab.

        1. Good Fortune in Wheaton is my first choice for dim sum
          Fortune in Reston would be my second.
          Fortune in Falls Church is ok, but they rush you through your meal and you find yourself out on the sidewalk 20 min. later.
          Oriental East (SS) is very ordinary, IMO--not worth the long lines.
          Hollywood East (Wheaton) had soapy-tasting seafood.

            1. re: Chownut

              Is that what it is? Interesting ... thanks!

              extra MSG = ungood/unnecessary