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Jul 12, 2006 01:42 AM

italian food like it's from italy ?

Hi there,

I've recently moved to NY from Europe and just love my italian food.
So I was wondering if anyone could point out some italian restaurants in manhattan which cooks and serves food similar to that being served in italy please reply. (I have no particular preference for a specific region of cooking)

As for the price range I don't mind hearing about simple small family ran restaurants to the expensive ones as I'm sure it'll be useful information as some point.

Any if oyu know of a place which serves italian hot chocolate (or similar) i'd like to hear from you too


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  1. New York has the same wide range of Italian restaurants that Italy does, but I few that enjoy are

    Col Legno (simple Tuscan) East 9th St
    Ottimo (Neapolitan) West 24th Street
    Pepolino (Tuscan), TriBeca
    BellaVitae (ingredient freaks), Minetta Lane

    1. I've liked Col Legno for a long time. It is pretty straight Tuscan except for the pizza (which is also pretty good). Among my favorite things there are the Carcioffi alla Giudia, the Pappardelle con Ragu' di Cinghiale, and the Tiramisu'. This is from memory. I can give a longer list by looking at their menu, if anyone wants it.

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        Coincidentally we are heading to Col legno tonite--glad to see their work is appreciated here. Don't miss the fried baby artichokes.

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          report from 7/12/06: Col legno was as good as ever, and Wallace Shawn was there.

          A caveat about the artichokes, they were good last night, but they have been better when they are smaller. Ask how many you get, if 6-8 in the order, they will be smaller (better). If 4, they are a bit too big.

          Also recommended: spaghetti with pancetta and pepperoncini; pappardelle with wild boar sauce; spaghetti with olives; roasted chicken or fish

      2. I like Peasant on Elizabeth St. My friend's husband is from outside Lucca, and thought the restaurant was as close to Italian as he has seen since moving to NY

        1. cool. thank you so much for the replies.
          i will have to try out all of them in the coming months !!!!

          1. I enjoy the food at Cantina Toscana, westside of 1st Ave. btw. 60th & 61st, which I have been told is like eating in a restaurant in Italy. It's owned and run by Florentines, and they don't seem to be that interested in making a killing. They do put out good food, and it's not too expensive. If venison chops are on the menu, order them. Also, I recommend the gnuddi appetizer, which is like eating the middle spinach ravioli without any noodle on the outside.