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Jul 12, 2006 01:41 AM

Twin Cities Restaurants for Adults

Can anyone recommend a few restaurants in the Twin Cities area that cater to adults? My husband and I have been to many wonderful establishments, only to have our dinner conversation overshadowed by crying children, parents that pace with their children repeatedly past our table, and children racing around a restaurant when they are bored by their parents' conversation. We've tried dining later in the evening (usually after 8:30pm) and often still encounter families with young children.

Kids are great and all, and there are many restaurants where I don't mind dining with kids, but there should be some places that are for adults - or at least after a certain hour.

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  1. In St. Paul, Zander on Selby, W.A. Frost on Selby, Heartland on St. Clair (at Fairview), A Rebours St. Peter St.

    Do any of these fit your requirements?


    1. Thanks for the suggestions! We've only tried Zander and did have a good time. We've been meaning to try A Rebours, so will try that one next.

      1. What kind of food are you looking for?

        Ever since I swore off of all chains (and casual dining/sports bars) I've been really surprised at how few restaurants I see with kids.

        1. We like everything from various ethnic cuisines (Ethiopian, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, etc) to patty melts and french fries. We also try to avoid chains, and agree that we do tend to have somewhat better luck.

          1. I don't suspect many kids have crossed through the doors of La Belle Vie. Same with Fugaise, Cosmos or the "Dining Room" of Five. I suppose when you want to avoid kids, you can simply pay for the privilege.

            By the way, if you ever want a scenic drive and guaranteed kid-free experience (whole weekend or just dinner), Canoe Bay in Chetek, Wisconsin doesn't even allow kids on their entire 280 acre property. The cuisine is outstanding, wine program spectacular and the accommodations are renowned.