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Jul 12, 2006 12:17 AM

Ali Baba in Newark De

Has anyone been here. Recommended by a fellow chow but no on else has even heard of it.Newark is meeting point for two groups -one coming from the Baltimore area and one coming from Cherry Hill. Other recs in the area south of Newark/Wilmington would be appreciated.

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  1. I have never been there but I know exactly where that is. On the same street, I tried the Home Grown Cafe last year, had a gaspacho and falafel burger, both of which were good. Here is their website:

    In Wilminton, I really loved eating at the Dupont Hotel, the food was good and the decor amazing.

    1. I eat there for lunch at least once a week. Dollar for dollar it is the best food in Newark. I typically have the Fattuch Salad with chicken but have had everything on the menu at least once except for the salmon. Service is slow but friendly.

      1. I used to eat at Ali Baba's all the time when I lived in Newark. Slow service as pointed out already, but good food and plenty of it. I am fond of the carrot salad, the hummus and the dolmades (stuffed grape leaves). The chicken and lamb dishes are good as well. Very cheap for the amount of food you get.

        1. I'm a frequent diner there as well. Definitely one of the top two or three spots to eat on campus. I'll second the recommendation for the carrot salad -- it's excellent -- a good, healthy amount of garlic. My favorite thing on the menu is their mujadara -- cracked bulgur wheat, cooked with lentils & browned candied onions. Served with tatziki salad. The desserts are pretty good, too. And yes, the service is most definitely what you would call 'leisurely'. This is the same food you'll find at Casablanca (the big event-dining belly-dancer spot off of rte. 13 in New Castle) -- same owners.

          I like Home Grown as well, but their menu seems to be getting smaller and smaller, and the quality of the food less and less consistent. The atmosphere is nice, though the service can be slow here as well.

          Probably my favorite new(er) spot on Main St. is Cucina di Napoli. Looks like a pretty standard italian spot from the outside, and for the most part it is. But their lunch special is always good and much more creative than most anywhere else around here. You get your choice of sandwich (today I had the eggplant / fresh mozerella / roasted peppers / spinach sandwich, grilled on fresh bread), choice of salad (you can get a plain old salad or something a little different -- today's was a mix of roasted eggplant, capers, tomatoes, and celery), and soda for $10. I usually end up taking half of the sandwich home for dinner! Their pizza is pretty tasty as well.