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Jul 11, 2006 11:35 PM

Prime Rib in Manhattan?

Hello Everybody,

I'm having dinner with visitors from out of town. Their only guideline was that they would like beef, as their charming 10 year-old son seems to like prime rib very much (way to go, kid). Since I'm more used to hot dogs and hamburgers, can anyone suggest a charming steakhouse with good prime rib? Since I don't want to be a total freeloader (it's likely that they're paying) could you also suggest some place not too dear.


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  1. Keens Steakhouse (36th St) has excellent prime rib, and the setting is great (antique smoking pipes glued to the ceiling), oil paintings, dark wood, etc, and has been open since the 19th century...

    but like any NY steakhouse, it's not cheap at all...

    1. Morton's has a great prime rib. Only available on the weekends though. Call ahead to reserve.

      1. Pete's Tavern has a special on Tuesday nights for 14.95 prime rib dinners. The only other place I know for decently priced prime rib is Cedar Tavern although I have never had it there before.

        1. Hi Everybody,

          Thanks for the great replies. I was flipping through the Times this morning and saw that the pub at Keens was written up in the Dining Out section. Seems like the right kind of place. But should I forget about trying to get a seat there now?