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Jul 11, 2006 11:10 PM

Mac n' Cheese

Hello, Chowhounders. Where can you get the BEST mac n' cheese in town?? I want opinions as I LOVE mac n' cheese and love to try new places to see who makes the best. I've of course tried Silvertone's as well as the Trident Cafe and Davio's. I haven't been able to find anyone though who matches up to this crazy mac n' cheese "death on a plate" recipe I make only once a year (white truffle oil, prosciutto, whipping cream...some of the fine ingredients in my recipe). I want to know though from you all where the best mac n' cheese can be found and WHY it's so good.

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  1. About a year ago, my daughter had a great mac 'n cheese at Summer Shack. It stood up to anything else on the table. Smooth and zesty with a toothsome pasta.

    1. I was all set to say the usual suspects, but if you're comparing to your own, which IMO isn't "mac n'cheese", it's what I call frou-frou mac (not that there's anything wrong with that-mine would give someone instant cholesterol), I'd say Mistral when white truffle is in season.

      OTOH, I don't really see that dish in restaurants in the summer - to me, it's a fall/winter dish, but a standout out the last time I had it was North Street Grille's creamy mac with apples and bacon. Good stuff! Also, I remember someone posting about the mac side dish at Eastern Standard, and Tremont has a lobster or crawfish mac on the menu sometimes. We checked it out once with Dax, but it was really dry. However, since then Andy Husbands has returned to the kitchen, and judging from tonight's dinner at Tremont 647, I'm looking forward to checking it out again.

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        Yes, I know my mac n' cheese is frou-frou. Ha ha! I should clarify though...I'm looking for any type of good mac n' cheese, frou-frou or not. I like Silvertone's. The one at Trident is ok. It's not something I typically get in the summer either, but I thought I'd thow it out there as there haven't seemed to be many postings on the subject. Thanks for your suggestions. I will definitely try them out when the mood hits.

        1. re: BackBayGirl

          I prefer Harvard Garden's to Silvertone's. But, like Rubee, I can't think about it in the summer!

          I also enjoyed the mac'n'cheese with, I think, lamb at the North Street Grille.

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            I like the mac and cheese at Chef Lee's II in Dorchester as well as the same dish at Bob the Chef's in the South End. You surely won't find any truffle oil in them, but they're the typical baked mac and cheese with eggs and lots of cheese which I grew up eating. The mac and cheese at Coast Cafe, prepared the same way, can be hit or miss.

        2. My wife likes the Mac & Cheese at the Ashmont Grille. Give it a try, it's interesting. Enjoy.

          1. I'd try the mac and cheese at the Publick House in Brookline. It's pretty great. You can add different things to it as well, my favorite is Andouille sausage. And the beer is amazing.


            1. I like the mac and cheese at Zon's in Jamaica Plain, Harvard Gardens on Beacon Hill, and the Ashmont Grill in Dorchester, but the best I've had anywhere is from the Blue Ribbon BBQ in Arlington and West Newton.

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                The Blue Ribbon's is the best you've had? I thought it was a bit on the dry side and relied too much on breadcrumb filler the last time I had it.