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Jul 11, 2006 11:06 PM

Lunch options near Lincoln Center

Can anyone recommend me some good places to eat for lunch that is inexpensive that is near Lincoln Center? I'm open to any cuisine and on a student's budget. Thanks a lot!

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  1. le pain quotidien
    60 w. 65th st btwn central park west and columbus ave

    1991 broadway btwn 67th and 68th

    sushi a-go-go
    1900 broadway btwn 63rd and 64th

    big nick's
    70 w. 71st at columbus ave

    china fun
    246 columbus ave btwn 71st and 72nd

    1. Don't go to Ollie's. Yuck! They're slobs (I refer not to unsanitary practices but lousy dumplings, etc.).

      I haven't been to Big Nick's in years, but they strike me as a consistent neighborhood place (burgers et al. plus Greek food, etc. - you can see their very long menu at, and I think that's a good idea if you want something a sandwich-and-pastry place like Le Pain Quotidien doesn't serve.