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Lunch options near Lincoln Center

chocokitty Jul 11, 2006 11:06 PM

Can anyone recommend me some good places to eat for lunch that is inexpensive that is near Lincoln Center? I'm open to any cuisine and on a student's budget. Thanks a lot!

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  1. c
    calypsogirl RE: chocokitty Jul 11, 2006 11:30 PM

    le pain quotidien
    60 w. 65th st btwn central park west and columbus ave

    1991 broadway btwn 67th and 68th

    sushi a-go-go
    1900 broadway btwn 63rd and 64th

    big nick's
    70 w. 71st at columbus ave

    china fun
    246 columbus ave btwn 71st and 72nd

    1. p
      Pan RE: chocokitty Jul 13, 2006 06:03 AM

      Don't go to Ollie's. Yuck! They're slobs (I refer not to unsanitary practices but lousy dumplings, etc.).

      I haven't been to Big Nick's in years, but they strike me as a consistent neighborhood place (burgers et al. plus Greek food, etc. - you can see their very long menu at http://menupages.com/restaurantdetail...), and I think that's a good idea if you want something a sandwich-and-pastry place like Le Pain Quotidien doesn't serve.

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