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Jul 11, 2006 10:58 PM

Consolidating Threads/How Do We Encourage People To Use Search Function

Just as an example, there are currently at least 5 active threads about lobster rolls and/or lobster for Maine in the New England board. This "multiple thread syndrome" is very discouraging to those of us who are trying to be helpful in response.

So, how do we encourage users to first take advantage of the search capabilities? and is it feasible for the Chowhound Team to consolidate/lock/point to a single thread?

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  1. I agree - I have replied to some people with suggestions that I found from doing quick searches and suggested that they might find lots of info by doing a quick search.

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    1. re: missykins

      Even more annoying -- after you point them to an existing or recent thread, people still continue to post to the new thread. Witness the two simultaneous discussions of diet soda. There were also two simultaneous discussions of husking corn in grocery stores.

    2. Yes, every time I log in to the Boston Area board, there is someone looking for a North End recommendation or a Back Bay recommendation. The people that look for such and mention that they have searched but want to talk about something more specific - I completely understand, but how many times can people reiterate their experiences and favorites in the North End?

      Does the Chowhound Team have any suggestions for this - maybe we should search!!