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Jul 11, 2006 10:38 PM

BBQ Unlimited #2

This was mentioned in a recent queary, never been -- tell me more. Do they deliver?

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  1. I checked it out based on a recommendation from the board but didn't care for it much, maybe someone can offer some ordering suggestions?

    1. Are you talking about the shop/restaurant on Melrose? I bought a roast duck there, cut up to take home, but wasn't too impressed...could've been luck of the draw (dry duck)

      1. You know if you are craving Chinese and aren't up to a drive to the SGV, its not a bad place as opposed to those Chinese places with seriously icky food [VIP Harbor comes to mind. . . .]. I consider it to be a more homestyle place where the food is like grandma or mom would cook up for you. Not fancy but tasty.

        We get the bbque pork from there and haven't had any complaints. I suppose we should do a blind taste test between them and Sam Woo's in Chinatown. My husband liked the greens with mushrooms. I also like the green beans with pork. The pups were pleased by the congee with duck. And the char su bao aren't bad.

        Haven't tried the roast duck but I'm sure I'll come home one day and find my husband has brought home a duck. Note that its NOT beijing style duck; its just roast duck.

        1. This location was originally part of the Kim Tar chain, then became Kim Yen and now BBQ Unlimited #2. Through all its incarnations, it's been the only surviving haven in the wasteland of Chinese food between downtown and the Westside. My favorites are the noodle dishes and the fish dishes, though most everything I've had here has been good enough.

          1. I usually go to the original BBQ Unlimited, which is in that stretch of Sherman Way that is famous for Thai food, but the menus are very similar.

            Beef with asparagus ranges from good to sublime; salt-and-pepper shrimp (eat it with the shells on!) or squid is very good; the chow fun with roast duck is wonderful.