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Jul 11, 2006 10:31 PM

Lunch in Soho

What are some good spots for lunch in Soho? I have a friend coming in to visit and shop for the day and I'd like to go somewhere casual and with really good salads and sandwiches. With table service, but a somewhat quick meal (i.e., I think Balthazar and Mercer Kitchen would take too long). With atmosphere, too!


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  1. Bread
    20 spring st btwn elizabeth and mott

    cute italian/sandwich/casual lunch spot, with DELICIOUS sandwiches. they also have salads, soups, pastas, hot plates like sausage and roasted potatoes, ravioli, etc. and all the bread, of course, is delish.

    check it out:

    1. Cafe Habana on Elizabeth - not too fast, often a wait, but next door there is a Habana-to-go, which is faster. If it's a nice day you could get it to-go and sit on one of the benches in front.

      Jerry's on Prince is good - I love their Caesar salad - one of the best I've had. Fun atmosphere and celeb spotting if you're friend is into that.

      good luck!

      1. A good and typically overlooked option is the cafe in L'Octaine. It's just right for this purpose. But I think the store may be in undergoing renovations so you should call ahead.

        Another good choice is the Cub Room Cafe.

        IMO, these are the best bets in the area.

        1. Thanks everyone. These are some good ideas. (The Occitane/Olivier restaurant is closed until the fall for renovations.)

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            Let me throw in Milady's as an option because it is an anomaly in chichi Soho. It's a bare bones bar with pinball machines and booths, and although the food isn't that good, you can get a cheap tasty burger and safe unfancy salads. In other words, if you are looking for someplace that is plain, unpretentious and inexpensive Milady's is one of the few places of this kind left in Soho.

            Also, rec Mooncake Foods, for Chinese diner food, located at the base of West Broadway across from Reuben's Empanadas (hate Reuben's). Does in a pinch. Also, not fancy.