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Jul 11, 2006 10:24 PM

Cheap and quick for dinner, Middletown, RI?

I now have a once-a-week commute that takes me across the Jamestown bridge to Middletown (Route 138) around dinnertime, and was curious to know if there are good places to get some quick but non-fast-food grub in that north Newport/south Middletown area.


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  1. Haven't been in years, but Coddington Brewery had decent pub type food with good beer.

    Also, if you hit Broadway in Newport you have Salvation Cafe.

    Although you can get hung up in traffic there.

    There is always Brick Alley Pub

    I'm not a big fan, but most are. You are also treading into Newport proper, but not too bad from the bridge.

    Not far off the bridge, same road as the brewery.

    On the road that has Christmas Tree Shop/Shaws/BJ's there is a sports bar that is suppose to be decent. I just can't think of it now.

    Bankok City 21-A Valley Road, Middletown I think that's the same road.

    Of course there are many chains along that route.

    1. Becky's BBQ is a very yummy little hole in the wall right off 138 (82 East Main Rd, right off of 138).

      Poster above is right - Salvation Cafe would be in easy reach.

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        Thanks -

        Shoulda clarified - I was looking for a quick, counter-service type place. Been to Salvation a couple times and though I do like umbrella drinks, I don't remember anything particularly memorable.

        Last night I happened into Becky's, as it turned out. Really tasty bbq! I had the pulled pork, lunch portion, which was pretty small (but probably healthier that way), and served alone (no bun/bread). It came with cornbread and a choice of sides. I don't do mayo, so it was between mashed potatoes, mixed baked beans, and corn. I went w/ the beans, which had bacon and were quite good. The cornbread was thin, not the fluffy, cake-y kind, and on the sweet side - I could've eaten several pieces. Or most of a tray. On to the pork - it was rich and smoky, not fatty, midly-spiced, and served without sauce, which was provided on the tables. They also had sweet tea which was a nice, authentic touch. I'll definitely go back.

        1. re: DC90042

          Just to follow up - Becky's BBQ is now my regular stop. I just had the pork ribs, and they are were smokey, meaty and perfect. One caveat - the pecan pie is a disaster. Will have to try the key lime next time.

          Also, I tried "Thai House" a bit further east on 138. A pleasant enough place, but my dish (supposedly duck curry) was totally mediocre. The sauce tasted like coconut milk mixed w/ a little curry powder, and wasn't a bit hot. I'm not sure what's good there - I overhead the table next to me order sweet 'n' sour pork, so maybe not Thai food? I dropped $20 on it and a Thai iced tea. Ugh.

      2. Anthony's - 963 Acquidneck Ave in Middletown (just off of Green End Ave). It is a fish market, but they have a full dinner menu too. Super fresh and pretty tasty.

        1. Just been to Becky's Bar-B-Q, as recommended below. 82 E. Main. First-rate barbeque, best by far I've had since leaving the south. My favorite place in the area now!