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Jul 11, 2006 10:10 PM

Kobe Beef ... not good in steak form?

Anyone else like me that thinks Kobe beef is really not suited to be eaten as a steak?

I prefer my Kobe sliced thin in shabu-shabu, perhaps it's just the wonderful meal I once had in Banff that is coloring my perception of how best to consumer Kobe beef ..., but I wonder.

Thoughts anyone?

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  1. The best tasting Kobe style beef I've had was a brisket from Arrowhead Game Meats ( slow smoked for about 12 hours over oak and pecan hardwood. It's difficult, in my experience, to smoke brisket without it drying out, and the extra intramuscular fat in Wagyu beef is really helpful in this regard. It's the only smoked brisket I've ever prepared that was completely tender yet awesomely juicy and flavorful. Hands down, the best I've ever had.

    1. I completely disagree. I love it in steak form (rare) and can't imagine why anyone would waste it by making Kobe burgers. With a steak, you get a nice sear on the outside and keep it rare on the inside. The fat gets a little warm and loosened, nice rich, buttery steak... talk about good.

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        Yes, yes, yes... keep it rare and, yes, when the runnels of fat loosens it's heaven... Okay... I'm off to eat meat...

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          Commercial Kobe Burgers I think are just the meat trimmings that they can't sell into a steak. The one's I've bought (Snake River I believe) were insanely fatty. But cooked over a grill to medium/rare, it was still REALLY good... :)


        2. Over cooked Wagyu is a major waste of terrific meat and money. When cooking Kobe, prepare it as you would foie gras season and sear, over cooking kills the flavors and dries out the meat..pointless..if you dont like rare steaks with amazing flavour, then dont waste the beef

          1. I had Kobe beef in Kobe, Japan. The way they cooked it there was searing slices over open flames, Tokyo Wako/Benihana style, and serving it immediately with rice and pickled vegetables.

            1. David, I checked out Wild Game's web site. Kobe Beef hotdogs?
              That's either decadent or insane, I can't decide which....

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                Haven't tried their dogs, but their brisket seriously kicks a**.