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any cute lunch places in Ayer, near the start of the Nashua River Rail Trail?

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My wife and I are thinking about driving out to Ayer to rollerblade the Nashua River Rail Trail, and we were hoping for some cute lunch places in Ayer. We're up for all suggestions (regardless of genre, price, etc).

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  1. Mango grille is not bad suburban chinese food. Very nice decor.

    Also there is a Korean place, Woo Jung in Ayer that has a few interesting dishes, hit or miss there I have found.

    There is a relatively new bbq place, Tejano Loco that I hear good things about, right in downtown. I have not tried it yet.

    I wouldnt classify any of them as "cute lunch places" though but servicable food.

    You may want to stop in Harvard aprox 10 minutes away and try the Fruitlands museum. I hear good things about it and the views are spectacular. http://www.fruitlands.org/menu.php

    1. I agree with Fruitlands as a nice setting.

      For cute this may interest you:

      in Boxborough exit 28 off 495, so not too far from Ayer.

      Ayer and cute lunch places just don't come to mind right now.

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        got a kick out of that one!!!!Ayer and cute lunch places just don't ring a bell. I'd pick up some good bread, cheese and a beverage and take it rolling

      2. JP O'Hanlons is a pleasant Irish Pub right in the center of town in Ayer - a stone's throw from the bike trail. They have the usual Irish Pub offerings. It is a friendly pub.

        1. Here is their website with menu http://www.jpohanlons.com/
          I have not been there yet, have you tried the fish&chips? Im always looking for good fish&chips!

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            Picadilly's gets my vote for fish&chips.

          2. I have had their fish and chips but not recently. When I had them it was super fresh pieces of haddock, fried to perfection. If I recall, the chips at the time were those steak-fries type of potatoes (the thicker ones). You get a big plate of fish, that is for sure. It looks like they have updated their menu and added some items. If they still have 'Fiona's Fishwich' that is probably one of the best fish sandwiches I have had.

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              thanks. I will try it and report back!
              For best fish sandwich, for me its Reds eats in Maine.

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                I went tonight. They gave a large pc of fish but it wasnt all that good. The fish was very dry and it had a very thick batter on it. The fries were not that great either, they were the ones everyplace seems to serve these days skinny with the skins on the ends.

                My gf got the mixed grille platter which was chicken,steak tips and sausages with peppers and onions. She liked that alot but wished there were more then 3 steak tips in it. Was big though overall.

                Id go again, simply cause there is such a lack of places around here, but I wouldnt get the fish again.

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                  Have you tried the fish and chips at Peddler's Daughter in Nashua?

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                    No I have not been there, will keep it in mind.

                    Hate to say it but around here the best fish and chips is actually at the weathervane or the 99. Although when i go to the weathervane i usually get the Seafood platter. The 99 uses a really nice batter and nice moist pieces of fish, not frozen. Its the only good thing there besides the boneless buffalo wings.

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                      I agree - we head to Weathervane every so often for fish and chips.

                      Haven't been to 99 in over a year, maybe I'll check it out for fish and chips though.

              2. Obviously not locals. The local institution is Tiny's which is near the trail head. Their Fish Fry night is particularly popular.

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                  johnelle, who are you referring to?

                  I live about 10 miles away, not far not local I guess either.

                  However, Nashua area is more to my liking as it has other offerings, and easier to get to, for me.

                  I have heard about Tiny's, but it just isn't a destination place so to speak.

                  Is it all that good for Fish and Chips that it should be?

                  Plus, it always seems like a packed parking lot when I do travel by.

                  Also, do they have draft beer? A must for me.

                  The OP was looking for CUTE lunch places, can't think of anything in Ayer, Groton, Littleton that fits that bill.

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                    I was referring to the general thread. I live in the next town and folks there drive to Ayer just to go to Tiny's fish fry night. It is Diner food but if you like that kind of atmosphere the food is pretty reliable. It was hard to imagine somebody from the area not mentioning Tiny's.

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                      Actually, Tiny's was the first lunch place that came to mind.....but cute, come on????

                2. As has been previously mentioned on this post,The Peddler's Daughter of Nashua, N.H. & Haverhill, Ma. makes great fish & chips. It's done the proper Irish/British pub-style.
                  Hell, they even bring the malt vinegar to the table without being asked. They also make their own ketchup to boot.

                  Here's the link:

                  1. When working in the area, I found it challenging to find good places to eat in the Ayer area. J.P. O'Hanlons is probably my favorite Ayer restaurant.. It's a neat Irish pub. They serve some great sandwiches, Shepherd's pie, fish and chips, and much more. For those who drink, they have many fine draught selections. The atmosphere is attractive -- dark, cozy, full of hardwood, really a great meeting place. I haven't always had good service, but it's generally good and doesn't really distract from the overall experience.
                    Here is the address and phone number:
                    9 Main Street
                    Ayer, MA 01432
                    Phone: 978-772-9282

                    Eric, VisitingNewEngland.com, http://www.visitingnewengland.com

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                    1. re: Guy Boccabella

                      Good post "Guy",
                      I would hasten to add, they have a stellar line-up of Irish & Scotch whisk(e)ys, as well. Most notable are: the Redbreast & Midleton Very Rare and the Talisker & Springbank, respectively. They also have a late afternoon sessiun every Sunday. My only nit-to-pick is the shepherds pie comes with beef and not the more assertive & traditional lamb.
                      I'm willing, lol, to overlook it, however. You're right, it's a place.

                      Here's their direct link: http://www.jpohanlons.com/

                    2. While not technically in Ayer, Chip Shots is about 20 seconds past the Ayer/Littleton line in Littleton. The food is very good, they have a new smoked BBQ menu. Lots of big-screen TVs, cold beer and if you're into golfing they have two indoor simulators.

                      I notice a lot of people below mention JP O'Hanlon's. Unfortunately, they are now closed. Chip shots is really the only decent pub left in the area.