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Jul 11, 2006 09:16 PM

Beautiful Marzipan?

Can anyone recommend a place to get beautiful marzipan goodies in the city? Fruits and the such? I know about BuonItalia!, but just would like perhaps another option. (Sadly, I assume that Elk has not reopened?)

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  1. I was just admiring some absurdly cute marzipan animals at Dean & DeLuca the other day. Piglets & chicks and such.

    1. I've never tasted their marzipan, but one of the two bakeries on Bleeker between 6th & 7th - I think it's the one next to Rocco's - has beautiful looking marzipan.

      1. i know that the garden of eden store on 14th st and 5th ave has marzipan.