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Jul 11, 2006 09:11 PM

Roman Artichokes

I'm an artichoke fiend, and as I get ready for my first trip to Rome, I keep seeing references to artichokes, fried and otherwise. Any recommendations for artichokes in Rome?


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  1. We had wonderful fried artichokes at Da Giggetto, near the Portico d’Ottavia. Also, fabulous spaghetti alla carbonara.

    1. I love Da Giggetto. Aren't artichokes more of a spring thing in Italy however? If you can find it, look for vignarole, a dish (again usually made in spring) with peas, artichokes, mint, etc

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        I too love the fried artichokes (carciofi alla giudia) at Da Giggetto (near Portico D'Ottavia, closed Monday). For more upscale carciofi all giudia try Al Pompiere nearby -- not sure of closing day, may also be Monday. I've had great carciofi alla romano (braised with olive oil and mint) at Due Ladroni (Piazza Nicosia, closed Saturday lunch and all day Sunday, reservations essential for dinner).

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          Sora Margherita has the best version of carciofi alla giuda weve had - artichokes are often a winter and spring veg but Id bet there are SOME in the summer - worth a try.

          vignarole IS delicious - I think its ingredients change over the seasons - we had it in December and it was full of winter greens - basically, a vegetable soup with the essential ingredient, guanciale (probably wouldnt find that in the ghetto!). Weve had vignarole at La Campana and, I think,at Armando al Pantheon.

      2. Just got back from Italy last night and there were plenty of artichokes about. baskets of them in the markets in Florence and Venice with the flowering part still blooming, and we saw gardens full of them in Ravenna - something i had never seen.

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          so looking forward to your report!

        2. go to matricianella!!! be sure to make a reservation at least a couple days in advance. you look around the room and every single table (both locals and tourists) has the fried artichoke alla giudea. spectacular along with the carbonara and the bucatini all'amatriciana. my favorite restaurant in rome.

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            I want to second Matricianella. ONE of my favorite restaurants in Rome (Can't really choose...)

            1. re: George

              make sure to get a reservation for this - the only time a walkin didint work for us on our last visit to Rome - the place was packed and the food looked terrif.