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Jul 11, 2006 09:09 PM

Restaurant near Fenway for somewhat large party?

I am in charge of planning the end-of-semester party for my grad program. I have $500 to spend: $100 for rental, $400 for food. I would like someplace with vegan food options. Something in the Fenway area would probably be best, but if there's a fantastic option downtown, I would be willing to try that as well.

Thanks very much for any suggestions!

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  1. How many people do you need to feed?

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    1. re: phoebek

      Probably around 50 - 100 people. Somewhere that has an activity (bowling, pool) would also be good. Previous parties have been held at McFadden's, but we're looking for something a little different.

      Fenway, Downtown, or possibly JP would be the best areas.


      1. re: maillard

        Don't know what the rental price ic but you could try the Milky Way in JP, pizzas/pasta from upstairs for food. King's in Back Bay also has bowling and decent bar food. $100 for rental is doubtful tho. Maybe Audobon could be rented for a private party.

        1. re: Joanie

          The Milky Way is a great idea, but may be a bit out of my price range. I believe that I have a $500 limit. I will look into whether there is any way around that, because it does seem like it would be perfect.

          Thanks (you too, Bostonbob3) for the suggestion!

        2. re: maillard

          an activity and decent food for $5-$10/head. Is this even doable in the Boston area?

          1. re: Dax

            Very likely it is not. I am trying to figure out what is possible, and looking into ways of increasing my budget. It is definitely possible to get a room with food for that amount. So if I can add either an activity or improve the food to at least "decent" that would be great. If I can do both, even better, but I do realize that this may not be possible.

            1. re: maillard

              Not trying to critize at all I was just thinking downtown rents and resultant food costs might make this really hard to do. Maybe an Indian buffet would work?

              1. re: maillard

                Dax, I definitely didn't take your post as a criticism, though upon re-reading my reply does sound a bit terse. Sorry about that! Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that I'm going to explore different ways of making this work. Any and all suggestions are a big help, since I am still getting to know the area.

                Hrm, so would having something in JP make this easier? I think that would be an okay location, but not ideal since it's so tricky to drive there.

        3. I agree with Joanie; the Milky Way in JP has a candlepin bowling alley and great bar (it's a nightclub many nights). They're owned by the Bella Luna people upstairs, who serve some of the best pizza in town (among other things).

          1. As a former science addict and grad student I suspect good beer would be a winner for the students (assuming you'll be hosting a bunch of lab rats)... how about renting out Bukowski Tavern in Back Bay? I'd guess the size and atmosphere are perfect, and the (great) hotdogs would fit your food costs.

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            1. re: steinpilz

              Oh, thanks. I had thought about Bukowski's earlier, and then forgot about it. Do they have a website? Their menu looks like it might not be the most veg-friendly, but it should be okay. And the big wall of beer seems like it'd be fun (though these are library students, not lab rats... still, most grad students do love beer...).

            2. A nice idea, steinpilz, but I'd guess that Bukowski's makes a LOT more than $500 over the course of a night. I think it's probably next to impossible to rent out an entire space anywhere in Boston for that kind of money. Best bet would be to get some kind of deal/discounts on food and drink somewhere versus trying to take over an entire bar or club.

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              1. re: Bostonbob3

                I think his funds are for food, not beer, so maybe it would fly for Bukowski's... I'd join them if necessary!

              2. I'd have to second the Indian idea, I know the place in the Copley Mall does catering and they are actually half way decent, (not the best I've had to be sure but still okay, especially for short money).

                I have no idea where you could rent, perhaps a picnic? Do you have any alumni that could donate space or catering?