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Hands down, what are the best desserts in Oakland?
I'm on a quest! At Oliveto, A Cote, coffee shops
with pastries, ice cream stores (best flavors or sundaes),
pastry shops (cakes, tarts, pies), even soul food places
with great pies?? All replies welcomed! thanks!!

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  1. Are you willing to drive up to Berkeley? I think Sketch Ice Cream has the best desserts in the East Bay, if not the entire Bay Area.


    1. I love the mango pudding with evap. milk poured over it at Legendary Palace. It's gummy, it's not elegant, but it's sooooo tasty and great.

      I also loved the desserts at JoJo on Piedmont Avenue all the times I was there (4 or 5).

      Oliveto has great desserts.

      1. do a search on all these places: chowhounds like Soizic in Oakland for their ginger custard dessert. Ruby King in Oakland Chinatown is known by chowhounds for their egg custard tarts-good and cheap.

        Rivoli in Berkeley for hot fudge sundae: http://www.rivolirestaurant.com/

        Gelato Milano in Berkeley for great Italian gelato

        Gelato Naia in Berkeley is good Italian gelato (not far from Gelato Milano


        Zax Tavern in Berkeley supposed to have good homemade ice-cream and Sgroppino dessert cocktail.

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          Maybe not the best, but very good and unique, is the pecan tart with white pepper ice cream at Soizic.

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            Ooh, oooh! I forgot about Soizic's ginger creme brulee! Outstandingly delicious. Also a good restaurant all around - nothing amazing or very inventive, but all well-prepared, delicious and in a very nice setting. Also pretty reasonable.

          2. Bakesale Betty at Telegraph and 51st does some pretty bad-ass lemon bars, cupcakes, scones and various other such treats. Plus go at lunchtime for the insanely awesome fried chicken sandwiches.

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              they also have the best oatmeal raisin cookie!

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                Betty's strawberry shortcake is to die for.

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                  I hate lemon bars, except for Betty's which are worth a trip. Several people have told me she does a great lunch sandwich that's either fried chicken or chicken fried steak (either way, not my type of thing, but I've had the good word from independent sources).

                2. I had the MOST amazing dessert at Dopo on Friday night. I can't recall exactly what it was or was called. I think it was chocolate sponge cake soaked with liquor and chocolate mouse molded into a terrine and sliced. Served with a generous dollop of fresh whipped cream - yum!

                  1. Crixa on Adeline in Berkeley has wonderful pastries and cakes. I'm addicted to the Florio, thin layers of meringue with framboise and rose petal buttercream. There are Eastern European pastries you don't find anywhere else in this area.

                    1. I really like the chocolate chunk cookies at Arizmendi on Lakeshore (haven't seen them at the one on San Pablo, but that's Emeryville, anyways, so nevermind...). The chocolate chip cookies at Katrina Rozelle on College are mighty tasty, as are all of their cookies. Cakes there are good, too. Good, honest frosting...

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                        I second Katrina Rozelle. When Pearl opened they had a gelato sundae that ranked among my favorite desserts. Oh and not as refined but a personal fav. nonetheless is the Saddleback Brownie Sundae at Fenton's. Have 'em make it with toasted almond ice cream!

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                          The desserts at Pearl are generally great.

                      2. Warm chocolate cake at Fonda on Solano. Sounds very simple but amazing.

                        1. try the fried banana split with coconut ice cream at thai corner in downtown oakland.. very tasty

                          1. Some of these places sound really good. Which one would people suggest for a birthday cake to order? A really really good one!

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                              Katrina Rozelle. Pretty price-y but I've never been disappointed w/ their cakes and I'm VERY picky about cake. My hubby got me an absolutely gorgeous ice cream cake from Sketch (it was almost too pretty to eat) for my birthday if ice cream cake is your thing. It was lovely and tasty, but almost prohibitively expensive. We had to get a supplementary cake for the kids. Masse's makes an honest and tasty cake (like Sketch, it, too, is in Berkeley).

                              What kind of cake are you looking for? Crixa and La Farine make lovely cakes, too, but I find that they are too often booze or coffee soaked which is not for me, but if that's your thing you can't go wrong w/ either of them.

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                                Here's a picture of my lovely Sketch cake. If I could shrink it I'd wear it as jewelery, I would. The brittle on the outside is almond to match the toasted almond ice cream within and the berries are ollalieberries to match the ollalieberry ice cream.


                                Glad I figured out how to add photos!

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                                No Mousse family birthday is complete without an ice cream cake from Sketch. It's beautiful, delicious and has a spot on texture. It ain't cheap ($45 for a cake that will feed 6-9), so it's more appropriate for intimate gatherings than a big birthday bash. You'll be hard pressed to find a better birthday cake anywhere. Here's a link to the report on my birthday cake last month, with pics:


                              3. I looove La Farine's chocolate chip cookies - I live in San Diego now but I make a pilgrimage to College when I go up there, and it's one of my favorite stops. I miss the food up there so much!!!

                                Incidentally - I haven't tried it, but Poulet in Berkeley probably has good desserts. The pastry chef who works there (Shuna Fish Lydon) writes a blog called eggbeatet - she writes about what she makes there and it sounds wonderful!!

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                                    Oops - I meant eggbeater - though you would probably figure that out! I will definitely make an effort to check it out when I am back up there!

                                1. I love anything tarte-like from Masse's pastries in Berkeley. Their best one is coming up soon, pear season - Pear tart with almond and pinenuts.